Friday, March 28, 2014

Where did the last 7 months go?

So, remember when I used to post blog updates on a regular basis? Me either. I’ve been asked if I’m ever going to start posting again and if Parker’s thumb got better (it did). The last half year has flown by. In September the boys started their second year of preschool.


In October we went on a family vacation to California last October. We did a week at Disneyland because it’s us and it’s Disney, but we also spent a couple days in Carlsbad at Legoland and some time at the beach. The boys are/were the perfect age for Legoland. Tall enough to ride all of the rides, but young enough to still be excited for the more basic rides. They love the beach and the weather was perfect. Random photos:





After returning from our vacation we went right back in to our usual routine, except we really started shifting into high gear on the house search. We spent well over a year finding a neighborhood we liked that was at the elevation we wanted and with good schools nearby. We moved in February to our new home (still unpacking) and we love it. The house has more space, enough bedrooms for the boys to have their own rooms when they want them and is right next to an awesome park.
Lots of after dinner walks are happening in the park, we’ve met a ton of our new neighbors and they have all be so nice and welcoming.
A much more recent photo of the boys, this is what happens when we don’t have good treats to bribe with.


The boys are growing like weeds and eating like hobbits (7 meals a day) and still talk so much it can be overwhelming. With the move the boys moved to a new preschool and seem to be enjoying it. We are settling in and I hope to be unpacked soonish and start decorating. After having photos up all over the old house it’s weird to not yet have anything on the walls. With the boys birthday less than a month away I have a bit of a deadline to print new photos and in general start decorating.