Thursday, August 1, 2013

Splash pad fun

This year we’ve made a few trips to the local splash pad, I put it off for a while because of the boys allergic reaction to all of the sunblock that is the water (washed off of other kids). The boys are much more into getting soaked then they were last year.

Parker, Andrew, Nicholas

They were thoroughly entertained for over an hour before we had to get home for dinner.


Andrew really liked going through the ‘tunnel’ and pretending to be a chain chuffing. All of the boys move their arms like the linkage arms on the wheels while running and of course making train sounds. The splash pad is good sized and has a lot of different types of fountains for every one to play in.


DSC05964-X3[1] DSC06009-X2[1] DSC05973-X2[1]

Parker more or less refused to have his picture taken or look at the camera.  Since this trip we have tried another splash pad in the area, but it was to intimidating for the boys. In all of the trips this year the boys have not had a reaction to the water or sunblock, it looks like they may have grown out the allergy.

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