Saturday, July 27, 2013

One piece of taffy and four Swedish fish

The boys normally don’t cooperate for photos. It might be because they are 4 year old boys or because they’ve had cameras pointed at them a lot since day 1. We take a ton of pictures of the boys, rarely do we not have a camera with us or two. Since the boys won’t always look at the camera, let alone smile we’ve resorted to bribery. It works amazingly well.
A couple weeks ago Cody set up one off camera flash and we asked the boys to pose for some photos. For individual pictures they were offered a single piece of taffy. We got at least a dozen shots of each of the boys, with smiles.


Last photo of Nicholas, so excited about the impending taffy.


Andrew – we are in the cheesy smile phase




After they each claimed their reward, I wanted some group shots. After much bargaining the asking price was 4 Swedish fish or ‘red gooey fish’ as the boys call them each.




With the exception of the sitting down shot, we let them pose themselves. I love how easily they stand close together or hug, I hope they stay this close.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Art Festival and enjoying the neighborhood

While I’m not a fan of the heat (21 days of 90-100) out, the boys don’t seem to mind it. The boys are much more comfortable on their bikes this year. They spend a lot of time pedaling up and down the sidewalks on our street and riding to the local park with Cody and sometimes me.





This year Cody was given some passes for the Utah Arts Festival, we went and I heard that there was a lot of art to see. The boys were not interested in looking at any of the booths. We did spend a fair amount of time in the kids area, the boys each enjoyed a pb+j sandwich and played in the ‘spider webs’.



They also each made a fuzzy spider (with help) to put on the webs, but decided they couldn’t part with their new friends. The boys favorite part was a playground area.



Friday, July 12, 2013

First visit to Yellowstone

I’m really behind on posting anything, so trying to catch up a little. Over Father’s day weekend we drove up to Idaho and spent a night at my dad’s house and went to Yellowstone on Saturday afternoon. It was the boys (and Cody’s) first visit to Yellowstone. We only spent one afternoon in the park and decided to make the most of it and head straight for Old Faithful. The boys were more impressed with a stop on the walkway.


I have no idea what used to be here, but the boys thought it was the best thing ever.


They also held hands and circled around it before taking turns being king of the hill.

Best group shot we got, at least Andrew is smiling and looking near the camera.

We waiting, not very patiently, for Old Faithful to erupt. There were a few false starts before that got the boys attention.

DSC05261-M[1] DSC05273-M[1]

Right as Old Faithful started going off a couple got up off the bench and stood directly in front of us and the boys, so we didn’t take any pictures. After the crowds cleared out a bit we posed a couple shots.


After the geyser we had a nice picnic and the boys were so ready for a nap. Since this was Cody’s first visit to the park he also wanted to see the prismatic pool. The boys crashed in the van while Cody made the short hike up the the pool while they were sleeping.


We headed home that night, but can’t wait to go camping in Yellowstone this summer. I can’t wait for Cody and the boys to see the upper and lower falls.