Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tulip Festival (photo heavy)

We love going to the tulip festival each year, but this year the boys birthday and everything else going on meant we were going to miss it. Thanks to a long cool spring the festival was extended and we were able to enjoy the flowers in (mostly) full bloom. The excitement of looking at a bunch of flowers wore off pretty quickly for the boys. Ten minutes in they were claiming we had seen all the flowers and it was time to go. Of course then they had the chance to run along the many paths, roll down the grassy hills and be bribed into posing for photos.




We stopped to watch the fish.


Then we took a brief break in the grass, or at least we tried. Laying down anywhere near the boys always results in the boys climbing on us. Cody went gave horsey rides, expert level.


After trying to pose the boys for more photos we let them have a turn at the camera. They love getting to use our cameras and they are starting to get some decent shots.

Andrew was so focused on getting the shot framed, I love how he has positioned himself.

The shot he got:


Nicholas’ turn.

Can you tell Parker was done with posing?

Then it was time to run around like crazy kids again.


We played in the water.

DSC04621-M[1] DSC05189-M[1] DSC05191-M[1]

The boys stayed relatively dry, just a few splashes on their shirts and some wet hands. Then we headed for the children’s garden with the spraying fountains.

DSC05197-M[1] DSC04655-M[1]

After everyone was basically soaked we headed for the exit and attempted more group shots. There was the promise of candy involved in getting these pictures.



2/3 looking at the camera and smiling is still as good as we got, but I’ve learned the boys will do amazing things for a piece of taffy.


  1. I just read your whole blog, I found it because your Halloween customs showed up on Pinterest! Keep up the good work!!
    As one of the oldest in a large family I have often heard people say to my mother "Are they all yours?" she often retorts "No I kidnapped some of the neighbors kids"