Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I’m back

So I got behind on posting updates (okay really behind) then we had lightning strike near our house. No damage was done to the house, but we had some casualties in the house. The pilot light on the water heater went out, not a huge deal. The sprinkler controls got stuck on a single setting also not a big deal. Our wireless router bit the dust, it was easily replaced. The old one was over 10 years old and needed to be replaced anyway. The big hit was my surge protector/power strip and my motherboard. I was without a working computer for almost three weeks. Cody replaced my motherboard and did a much needed upgrade on both of our computers over the weekend.
I’m still in the process of installing all of the programs I use on a regular basis, mainly photo stuff remaining. Since I posted last the weather has warmed up and we are spending lots of time outside. Weekly zoo trips, trips to the farm and lots of park and bike riding time. Once I finish installing everything I have a ton of photos. Someday the boys will all look at the camera and smile, I think it’ll take bribery.


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  1. They are adorable :) What a gorgeous picture!