Monday, June 10, 2013

Catching up

I’m over a month behind (yikes!) and left off right before the boys actual birthday. This year their birthday fell on a Wednesday and we had a big day planned for them. First we decorated the hall and their doorway to surprise them in the morning.DSC05097-M[1] DSC05099-M[1]

They were not sure what to make of all the streamers, but were excited that Cody and I were both home for the day. For their birthday the boys all asked for two things: a Lightning McQueen from the Disney Store and binoculars for the zoo. We got the boys up and I took them for bagels and a coffee run before we headed out to the boys first surprise.
We told the boys we were going somewhere that was a surprise, they spent the whole drive speculating as to where we were going not figure out it was the zoo until we were a couple blocks away. At the zoo they were each given their binoculars. They were so excited! Of course the boys were no more willing to cooperate for pictures than normal, but we tried. We succeeded in a lot of shots of the back of their heads.



We spent about 3 hours at the zoo doing one full lap, the about 1/3 of the zoo is closed while they build the new savanna area so it doesn’t take long to see everything. After the zoo we told the boys we were going to lunch at the mall where I had another big plan for them.
We had lunch at Applebee’s then headed for Build-a-Bear, we had been telling the boys for months that when they turned 4 they would be big boys and we would be sending their towels to babies that needed them. When we made it to Build-a-Bear I told them that I kept 3 very special towels (the least stained and tattered ones I could find) that would go in new bears so they would always have a towel to snuggle at night.




Blue (Andrew’s), Caramel (Parker’s) and Pump (Nicholas’) came home with us for a much needed naptime. The boys still had gymnastics that night and we’d been up and going for about 7 hours. I was a little concerned about the safety of the new bears as we closed the bedroom door. Nicholas made a few comments about needing to get the towel out and I had visions of bear fluff being spread around the room.
No bears were harmed during naptime and we got the boys up with barely enough time to head for the gym. The boys class until last week had just 4 kids in it, the boys and another little girl. The coaches surprised all of the kids with balloons and cupcakes for after class.

2013-04-24 17.45.54

They were awesome cupcakes, the entire thing was edible. It was a chocolate shell filled with ice cream and whip cream on top. The boys loved them and even got most of it in their mouths.

After gymnastics it was straight home for dinner, bath and bedtime. I think the boys had a wonderful birthday, they are still talking about it. They also sleep with the bears almost every night, I never thought we would have such an easy transition from the towel attachment.


  1. Aww, that's so cute. And I think it's a brilliant idea - putting the towels into the bears :)

  2. When we put the boys' binkies into BABs, I was sure they were going to tear them open as well. Thankfully, the bears survived, but the boys were only 2.5. Not strong enough. Ha! They still sleep with them, 3 years later. :)