Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Easter

We stayed up way too late the night before Easter, so when the boys woke us on Easter morning we quickly got the boys dressed and headed to the backyard. This year we didn’t dye eggs, it seems like we just ran out of time and I wasn’t looking forward to dye being all over the house. Beyond not having to clean up egg mess, it also meant not having to eat hard boiled eggs for a week. I’m the only one in the house right now that will eat them.


There each had 16 candy filled eggs to find. I learned that an early Easter makes egg hiding much more challenging, our yard is nearly flat with out any good hiding spots. The boys made quick work of the yard, finding the obvious eggs then working together to make sure they had all of them.


The eggs were found and we managed to bribe them for some photos, it’s very hard to bribe your kids when they are holding a basket full of chocolate.


Photos over the candy-fest began.


It’s a good thing Easter is only once a year, the boys were on an all day sugar high.

We managed to get some real food into the boys before heading to Cody’s parents for another egg hunt with the rest of the family. The Easter bunny at Grandma’s house hides eggs of different colors for each kid to find, the older the child the more difficult they are to find.

Andrew was after the yellow eggs, Parker the orange and Nicholas the green


Luckily not all of the eggs had candy in them, everyone received some small toys to play with. The slinkies were a huge hit as were the slap bracelets. We missed nap time, so after just a few hours the boys were so done. We came home and put them straight to bed.

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