Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter egg hunt number one

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged anything for over 2 months now. I just seemed to get out of the habit and we have been sticking to the same routine each week. For Easter we were invited to go to a big egg hunt Saturday afternoon in Salem. It was a long drive but we were rewarded with the sight of hundreds of people walking to or from the annual Holi Festival of Colors. The boys loved seeing all of the colorful people.
This was by far the largest egg hunt I’ve ever seen at a persons home. The hunt was separated by age groups, between my boys and our friend’s son they made up the majority of the 5 and under group. Each child was told to find 10 to 15 eggs and a bucket in the designated area.
It was very interesting to see the boys different approaches to the hunt. Parker went straight for the largest eggs available, Nicholas picked up a few eggs and opened them before deciding if he wanted them or not. Andrew found an old Hotwheel in the sandbox and was done.


I dressed the boys in their ‘gymnastic shirts’ since we would be meeting a lot of new people and it makes it easier for everyone. In addition to the egg hunt the yard also had some very cool toys. There was a bike for 5 that would be awesome to have in any back yard, but out of our price range. The boys had to be redirected multiple times to keep searching for eggs because the bike was just to much fun.


Along with the bike the boys also had a great time on the teeter totter. It was nice to get some photos of genuine smiles, we have entered the odd 3 to 5 year old smile stage that is all squinty and cheesy.


After the egg hunt all of the kids had a chance to play on the playground and some of the other outside toys. Of course the boys found the Lightning McQueen and were even willing to share it. They took turns with who was driving, who was the passenger and who was sitting on the back of the car. I took a fair number of photos, but this is my favorite.


Maybe a glimpse into the teenage years? The boys had a blast, got a bunch of candy, small toys and a stuffed animal that they sleep with every night and insist on taking in the car on the drive to daycare everyday.We spent about 3 hours there and then it took over 2 hours to drive home due to all of the traffic from the festival. Sadly no one fell asleep on the drive until we were only 20 minutes away from home.
In addition to being the day before Easter it was also TableTop Day, so we had plans to play board games with friends. Complete with miniature trophy presentation. We played Zombie Dice, Pandemic, and Dixit as usual I didn’t win a single game and Pandemic beat us. It was a long day, but we all had a great time.

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