Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bowling playdate

Last Friday we braved the snow, we had over a foot and a half fall between Thursday afternoon and early Sunday morning, to meet some friends at a local bowling alley. It was me and the boys and two friends with their triplets and one infant. In total it we had 10 kids 4 and under with just 3 adults. All of the kids did surprisingly well staying focused and interested in bowling for the first 8 frames.
My boys were just fascinated with the ball return and left it only to have their turns.


I tried to get a group photo, with minimal success.


They used bumpers and ball launchers to make it a lot easier. Everyone had a great time and most of the kids were happily playing until about the 8th frame when they were very ready for lunch. It only took a few frames for the boys to understand that they had to wait their turn and that they got to roll two balls on that turn. Parker and Andrew each got a strike which I thought was great, but it meant they only got to roll one ball causing a mini meltdown.
The boys got really into lining up the shot, especially Nicholas.


We had the entire bowling alley to ourselves for the first hour and a half before a couple of league games started at the far end of the lanes. We ate lunch after finishing our game and watched as the crowds started to arrive. By 2 pm the place was filling up and we were happy to be on our way out. Next time we plan to arrive a little earlier to beat the crowds and bowl 5 frames before lunch then finish after eating to keep the kids interested.
I was so happy to get the boys out to play, I feel like we been trapped at home with the cold and being sick for the last two months. They are still talking about all of their friends and how much fun bowling is nearly a week later.


  1. Your sons are adorable :) I really enjoy hearing from you guys. Hope you're having a nice and not-too-busy week.

    Hi from Germany ;)

  2. I know sorry, I'm so behind! I am hoping to get an Easter post up tonight (or tomorrow) and start posting regularly again.

  3. I've been lurking, and your boys are just adorable! I write over at How Do You Do It? (, and I was wondering if I could interest you in writing for us occasionally, maybe 3 or 4 times a year? I love your open style, and I think that a lot of moms of triplets would appreciate hearing from you about the practicalities of raising three of the same age.

    If you're interested, you can contact me at