Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bowling playdate

Last Friday we braved the snow, we had over a foot and a half fall between Thursday afternoon and early Sunday morning, to meet some friends at a local bowling alley. It was me and the boys and two friends with their triplets and one infant. In total it we had 10 kids 4 and under with just 3 adults. All of the kids did surprisingly well staying focused and interested in bowling for the first 8 frames.
My boys were just fascinated with the ball return and left it only to have their turns.


I tried to get a group photo, with minimal success.


They used bumpers and ball launchers to make it a lot easier. Everyone had a great time and most of the kids were happily playing until about the 8th frame when they were very ready for lunch. It only took a few frames for the boys to understand that they had to wait their turn and that they got to roll two balls on that turn. Parker and Andrew each got a strike which I thought was great, but it meant they only got to roll one ball causing a mini meltdown.
The boys got really into lining up the shot, especially Nicholas.


We had the entire bowling alley to ourselves for the first hour and a half before a couple of league games started at the far end of the lanes. We ate lunch after finishing our game and watched as the crowds started to arrive. By 2 pm the place was filling up and we were happy to be on our way out. Next time we plan to arrive a little earlier to beat the crowds and bowl 5 frames before lunch then finish after eating to keep the kids interested.
I was so happy to get the boys out to play, I feel like we been trapped at home with the cold and being sick for the last two months. They are still talking about all of their friends and how much fun bowling is nearly a week later.

Friday, January 4, 2013


The flu hit our family (well everyone but me) this week so I’m still trying to catch up. We had a very nice Christmas this year, the boys were very excited that Santa was coming. Since we had a late night on Christmas Eve we set the boys clock to get them up at 8:15. We bought a new clock for their bedroom a few weeks ago to stop the boys from getting up at 6:15 on weekends. At night it glows yellow and works as a night light, but at a set time the clock turns green. The boys know that when it’s yellow “stay in our bed and be quiet” but when it’s green they can get out of bed. While they haven’t done so great at the staying quiet part, they do stay in their beds and keep it to a dull roar until at least 7:30.
With the boys staying in bed until a reasonable hour, Cody and I had time to get up and ready for the day before getting them up. We let them know Santa had come and they rushed downstairs. Nicholas made it to the pile of gifts first trying to figure out which one was his.


Santa brought Andrew his requested cement truck, Parker his red race car and Nicholas a school bus. Their stockings were stuffed with a plush transforming triplet (from Brave) some candy, and a small coin bank. Everyone got a color changing Hotwheels and a giant Pixar activity/coloring book. To share the opened some Disney figures, Hotwheels and racing ramp. While the boys were playing with their new toys Cody and I opened our gifts. Cody got a camera lens from Santa and I got a new purse and some books, the boys were happy that Santa brought us each what we asked for.


We let the boys play with the new toys for a little while before getting dressed and heading out to our first stop.

They really just wanted to stay and color.

First stop was visiting my uncle two of my cousins also came over to visit. They boys had a blast playing with the trucks their great uncle gave them and talking to their second cousins.


At one point my cousins were trying to convince the boys to go home with them, Parker was all for it and Andrew was persuaded by the promise of lots of toys to play with. Nicholas was very against the idea and was trying to pull his brothers out of their laps telling them that he and his brothers need to stay with Mommy and Daddy. It was adorable how insistent he was about staying with his brothers. They all agreed that they we should all go play with the Lightning McQueen toys together.
When we left the boys were so ready for a nap and we had some time to burn before our next stop. We took a nice long drive and grabbed some lunch. Since we knew we would have another late night it was a good thing the boys zonked out in the car.


The last stop for the day was at Cody’s parents, everyone ate and we exchanged gifts. The boys each received a camera from Grandma and Grandpa. The boys opening their presents from Grandma and Grandpa, there were a little excited.

They also received a bunch of trucks, a really cool Imaginext Cars playset that has been played with almost constantly since it was assembled.

We really didn’t take a ton of photos on Christmas, we were to busy talking and playing with the kids. This was from a few days later when the boys were taking pictures.


Overall Christmas was a lot of fun, the boys were much more into it this year than last. I’m already looking forward to this years holidays since we can do more activities and the boys can help make decorations.