Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing outside

The weather has been a little odd this year, one day it will be 50 and the next it snows. We have enjoyed letting the boys run around in the warmer weather and letting them play in the snow. On Saturday when it was sunny and relatively warm outside we spent over an hour playing with the boys in the front yard. About 45 minutes into playing Andrew climbed up on the rock in the neighbors yard and said “Daddy take a picture.” Of course Cody was happy to oblige. The boys all took turns having their picture taken. Cody beat me to posting these photos as part of his 365, but I thought I’d put them here as well.




We’ve decided that our next house is going to need to have a hill in it because the boys are obsessed with running up and down the small inclines in our neighbors yards. The best part of the running back in forth is that we can request hugs as they run down the hills.

Even from the side you can see how big his smile is.

Of course running around outside would not be complete without a visit to the irrigation ditch that runs behind the houses on our street. They love throwing rocks into the water and watching them splash.

After all of the running around we loaded the boys into the van, Andrew and Parker were pretty easy to persuade to climb into their car seats. Nicholas however has always been our runner.

You can almost see the wheels turning in his head trying to plot his escape. With all the running around the boys were a little worn out while for shopping. They crashed at naptime without a peep.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


The boys have spent time coloring while in their old feeding table and at restaurants, but I hadn’t let them do any coloring on the new table yet. Since I was trying to avoid scrubbing crayon off the table we spent the morning at Ikea picking up some large rolls of paper to mask off the table. The boys also don’t object to getting a lunch of meatballs and mashed potatoes.
While the boys napped I set up the table to contain the mess. They came down the stairs and went right to their seats.


We started with just a blank piece of paper, then moved to a page from their Disney coloring books and of course the paper roll got lots of color on it too.



I wish I could say he drew the Mickey so I wouldn’t have to admit to my sad attempt, but he was just coloring it in.

They were very focused on their work. We are fairly sure the boys are right-handed but were coloring with both. I just seemed to only get shots of them actively coloring with their left.

Coloring is hard work.



Even after Cody came home the boys were still coloring, they stayed at the table for over an hour and asked to color more after dinner and this morning. I’m trying to work up the nerve to introduce finger paints.


Monday, January 9, 2012

What season is it?

Last Friday it was sunny and nice out and the boys were having a great time playing in the yard.


Less than 24 hours later we finally had the first real snow of the season.


The boys had so much fun and didn’t want to stop playing. Cody was trying to teach them how to throw snowballs.

I love the giggles. They spent nearly an hour running around, throwing snow at both Cody and I and “helping” Cody clean off the van.


Sadly the snow is already melting and will probably be gone in a couple days.

Friday, January 6, 2012


The boys were way past due for a haircut and I want their hair to be grown out a little for our upcoming vacation. The boys were so well behaved and so talkative.


Look at that shaggy hair.

Parker making a very Cody-esque face.

Since Parker went first and was so good he got a sucker.


I was worried Andrew would try to wrestle the sucker away from Parker, but instead he said “Please have taste of sucker.”


My camera wouldn’t take video but they were so polite to each other sharing the sucker.

With haircuts done we ran a couple of short errands and picked up dinner for Cody. Now begins the day or two of flubbing the boys names. I always forget just how much I end up relying on the boys hair to aid in telling them apart when I don’t get a good look at their faces. It’s a good thing I’m the one that usually helps them get dressed in the morning.


Someday they’ll cooperate for a group photo right? To be fair we had just gotten home from grocery shopping and they were trying to run off energy before I ushered them inside. I can’t believe it’s January in Utah, no snow and we are playing outside.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Boys night out

If you looked at Cody’s 365 Project you’ve already seen these pictures but if not here they are. Usually one night a week while I’m at work Cody takes the boys out to eat. One of their favorite places is Noodles and Co. They split adult sized mac and cheese and mushroom stroganoff with chicken and Cody eats whatever they don’t eat. Except last night where they didn’t leave him anything (yes I fear the teenage years).
One of the great things about Noodles is they will let you request what type of noodles they make your dish with. We’ve found that the cavatappi noodles are the easiest for the boys to eat.

Another benefit of this location is that they recognize Cody and the kids and will often set up their usual table with high chairs and fill the boys water cups before he finishes ordering. After they finished their pasta the boys requested smoothies and it didn’t take much to talk Cody into walking down to Jamba. Especially because they were perfectly behaved through dinner.
Cody said they waited patiently for their smoothies, I love that moment when their drinks are put on the counter and everyone starts saying “Smoofies please.”

Before they left for dinner the boys found a new way to play with their slide and the couch. Cody decided they were having so much fun he didn’t have the heart to stop them. He did put extra blankets down to pad the drop off the couch, but you can hear just how much fun and how excited they were.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new year

I think this year is going to be one of many changes. We kicked off the year by getting a new dining room set, taking the feeding table out and getting booster seats. It’s crazy to think about how fast the boys are growing up. Doesn’t seem that long ago that we got the table and were just starting the boys on solid foods.



They love their booster seats, they all insisted on carrying them out of the store, in the van and putting them on the chairs. They haven’t yet decided which seats they are going to claim, it changes each meal.
Along with moving to a regular table this year we’ll also be potty training and starting pre-school. Cody and I are also each starting a project this year. Cody will be doing a 365 project and sharing his shots here. I’m not quite up to committing to posting a photo everyday so I’m doing a project 52. I take more than one picture a week, but it will be less pressure taking my camera with me everywhere.