Sunday, December 2, 2012

We survived the stomach bug

It was a long week and a half, it started with me getting sick and one by one the boys did too. Finally by Saturday everyone was back to normal (for the most part) and we wanted to get out of the house. The plan was to get up and out early and if the weather didn’t turn ugly. While we were getting ready to head out the boys decided to get their Buzz Lightyears and take him flying.


At first they were just running around shouting “to infinity and beyond” until they figured out they could fly off the couch. All I could see was ER visits flashing before my eyes.

With shoes and jackets on we were out the door and the boys insisted on going on a walk before getting in the van. The boys kept taking turns running ahead and then running to each other for hugs. So much cuteness.


We had a errands to run, first stop was to try to find some sweaters for the boys to wear at a Christmas party we had that same night. While in the store the boys found the monster hats and insisted on picking some out. After getting their hats the boys were done shopping, Cody took them with him to get a drink at Starbucks (hurray for drive thru) while I picked out some sweaters and jeans.
Next stop was City Creek to let the boys run off some energy and of course visit the Disney store. The boys loved wearing their new hats and being monsters.


They ran in circles around the large fireplace for at least a half an hour before we decided to venture into the Disney store. Of course the boys rush to the Cars area and start picking out all of the cars they want. Eventually we ushered them back to the large screen showing Disney clips while Cody and I took turns looking through the store. We found some Christmas gifts for the boys and a Brave triplet bears and Huey, Dewey and Louie ornament. After dragging the boys out of the store we did grabbed lunch and did more walking. To get the boys to slow down or at least not run we asked them to hold hands.


I know at some point we won’t be able to convince them to do this, but while we can it’s cute and slows them down a little. We walked to see the fountain stopping on the sky bridge to watch the ‘trolley trains’ as they went by.


We saw the fountain and tried to keep the boys from getting soaked, we were mostly successful leaving with just some damp sleeves. We made an attempt at a group photo, the boys are getting a bit better and cooperating for photos.


At this point they were so ready for a nap and just done walking. I took them on a nap drive so they’d have energy and be in a good mood for the party.

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