Monday, December 3, 2012

Triplet family Christmas party

Saturday night was the second annual family party for the local triplet families. While the mom try to get together about once a month for dinner or another activity, it’s only a few times a year that we all bring our whole families. This year we had about 20 families make it, that’s a lot of people (and a lot of triplets!) It’s so much fun to see how much everyone has grown and not feel like that crazy family with the triplets that everyone points out.
Of course it was organized chaos with many kids running laps around the gym before dinner and playing with each other, it was a pot luck pasta dinner with salads and a desert table. We managed to get the boys to eat some pasta, they eat even more when they discovered parmesan cheese. Nicholas was carefully coating each noodle both sides with cheese and happily eating.
As dinner was wrapping up, we had a special visitor Santa snuck in the back door but was quickly spotted. Parker was at the front of the pack to meet Santa, all of the boys showed no fear and couldn’t wait to tell Santa what they wanted.


We managed to line the kids up to wait for their turn. The boys did fairly well despite being really excited and distracted by candy canes. As soon as it was their turn Parker climbed right into Santa’s lap. Santa then learned what happens when you ask them what they want for Christmas.


The boys have been pretty consistent in what they want from Santa, Andrew wants a cement truck, Nicholas wants a bus and Parker wants a red race car.  We attempted to get a good picture of the boys with Santa smiling, in over a dozen shots we couldn’t get all three to look at us. They wanted to talk to Santa instead. This is the best we got:


We did get one shot of Andrew looking at the camera, so I’m hoping Cody can work a little photoshop magic and swap him into this picture.
After Santa a giant game of ring around the rosy started, it was so much fun for the kids and all of the adults watching.



It was a late night for us, we got the boys in bed at around 8:30 and they were out without making a peep. I love that the boys are starting to understand Christmas or at least the concept of Santa. Our elf Melvin returned after Thanksgiving and the boys love finding him each morning. This year we still need to keep Melvin out of reach of the boys, next year I’m hoping we can do some more creative set ups without worrying about the boys touching him.

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