Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our weekend

We had a somewhat busy weekend, Saturday our local grocery store had a holiday event. We took the boys to see Santa, get their faces painted and just get out of the house for a little while. We new the boys would be fine with Santa, it was a short visit and we didn’t even take a camera. I was worried that the face painting would be a complete fail, having a 3 year old hold still while cold wet paint is put on their face is always risky. Luckily they held still and even waited their turns without much fuss.

Andrew with his snowflake.

Nicholas with his ornaments.

Parker with his Christmas tree.

After sampling some cookies and wondering around the store for a bit we came home while Cody ran some errands. He had the van so the boys and I just hung out around the house.
Sunday was another low key day, the plan was to take it easy and go to Zoolights that night. We only ran a couple errands and started putting up the Christmas tree. This year I was debating on if we could put up the tree and trust that the boys wouldn’t knock it over, break ornaments, unhook any branches or worse cause the tree to leak water. Early this year we sold the fence that we have used in previous years to keep the boys out.
The boys were much more interested in playing in and around the storage tub the tree was in than the actually tree, hopefully they have been sufficiently warned and explained to that the tree is off limits. We’ll see, hopefully it will not take too many time outs for the rule to stick.
We took the boys on a nap drive to the zoo and arrived right as the Zoo Lights opened for the night. We made it through the gate to see Santa leading some of his reindeer to their pen. We headed straight for Santa as last years wait was really long and I wanted to avoid standing outside in the 27 degree for a half hour or longer.  The zoo even has a sign out explaining that the wait for Santa may be long due to the quality experiences. Luckily we only had to wait about 10 minutes before being directed to have the kids write letters for Santa. The boys drew a picture of what they wanted and we helped write down the request. When it was our turn the boys took their letters to Santa and were able to visit with him. I loved that there is no camera or sales involved, just a quality interaction.


The lights were great, most of the animals were in for the night or sleeping. Since it had snowed on Saturday the boys were more interested in stomping in the snow than seeing what few animals were awake. We still had a great time. The boys favorite parts were riding the carousel and the light train.


Cody was excited to take photos with the reflection off of the snow and wet grounds, he’ll need to go back by himself to really take the time to get more shots. Eventually I’m hoping the boys will be a little more willing to cooperate for photos and photo taking time.


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