Saturday, December 8, 2012

Instacare visit #2

On Monday I was excited to go to work. After being off for a week and a half due to being sick and the boys being sick, I was looking forward to getting back into the usual routine. About 2 and a half hours into my shift my phone started ringing, it was the boys school. Having missed so much work I was almost expecting to be told that someone was sick and was worried about having to take more time off.
Good news was no one was sick, but Parker fell down playing outside and was refusing to move his arm. They waited about 10 minutes to try to calm him down and see if there was any change and he was still sobbing about his arm. The school was nice enough to run interference for Andrew and Nicholas so they didn’t see me come in. By the time I arrived it had been nearly 40 minutes and he was still crying.
I’m pretty sure the xray was the worst part of the entire doctor experience, Parker was very clear as to what hurt and refused to move his arm no matter what we did to try and get him to. They didn’t see any broken bones and it wasn’t dislocated, just a very bad sprain. They told me to leave the splint on for the week and if he was still complaining about it we’d need to follow up with an orthopedic.  He was given a couple suckers, an Avengers sticker and put in a splint and sling.


It was so nice to finally see him smile after hours of crying, he requested lunch at CafĂ© Rio (that’s my boy). He also came with me to pick out some temporary tattoos at Zurchers for potty rewards.
We took the splint off yesterday as instructed and he was still not willing to use his arm. I was expecting some resistance from his arm being stiff, but after sleeping without the splint he still wasn’t using the arm this morning. We think Parker is going to be left handed and he wasn’t even willing to color or eat using his hand. It looks like we’ll be going to an ortho on Monday.

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