Thursday, December 6, 2012

Children’s Museum

Keeping with our goal of getting out of the house and doing something with the boys when ever we can. The museum is running a promotion for the month of December with a reduced admission price. We arrived just before opening in an attempt to beat the crowds. We stopped briefly to play in the ball area, but quickly headed upstairs to let the boys play in the visiting Tinkertoy exhibit.


At first the boys had no interest in the actual TInkertoys instead they focused on all of the big steering wheel like interactive pieces throughout the display.


Then they discovered some touch screen drawing tablets that they could play with, mirror image anyone?


We spent a lot of time in the Tinkertoy area, it took about 45 minutes before anyone else really came up. Nicholas was the only one who really got into building with the toys.


New to the museum was some wind tunnels to test how different shapes of paper fly, the boys loved it. The best shape was the snow cone shaped cups. They would spin around the tube before shooting out in a random direction.


After a lot of flying paper we headed out to see the helicopter, the boys are fine with it until someone hits the button simulating the sounds of a helicopter taking off. They don’t like how loud it is.

This is right after the button pushed and they ran out of the helicopter.

We decided it was time to brave the crowds and head to the main level. I’m not sure if it’s easier or harder now that the boys are older. Last year they had to be watched closely because they were able to get into a few places that they couldn’t get out of or just run in three completely different directions. Now we don’t have to worry about them getting into something they could hurt themselves, but they run much faster and don’t always look where they are going.
They had a great time playing with the water tables, pretending to be firemen, and playing in the store.

Added bonus of having brothers, someone to push your fire engine.

Nicholas spent some time working the deli counter making sandwiches.


He was really excited about adding extra lettuce and meat to each sandwich.

Safe to say they’ve grown a bit since our last visit.

After three hours the boys were ready for food and desperately in need of a nap. The plan was to head straight for the food court, but as soon as we made it outside we saw a mini train driving around the mall. The boys could barely control their excitement, so we followed the train and let the boys take a ride.


After doing a lap around the mall, the boys insisted that we both follow the train and take pictures. Then it was time for food and time to head home, the boys were exhausted. At most they slept 10 minutes on the drive home and made it a very early bedtime. Despite trying many things it doesn’t matter how late or early the boys go to bed, they are awake and ready to play by 7:15 if not earlier. Going to bed by 6:15 at least ensured they got a solid 12 hours of sleep that night.

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