Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving week and the days running up to it

Last weekend we had plans for some friends (Amy and Topher) to come over to play board games. Something we have been trying to do about once a month. We usually spend a good chunk of the day playing games we’ve discovered thanks to Tabletop or other games our friends have introduced us to. They also bring their five year old and 4 month old, the older boys will watch a movie or play with the room full of toys. Before they arrived the boys were a bit cooperative for some photos and were very excited to wear their new Angry Birds shirts.
I was excited to find multiple shirts of the same theme, especially since the boys have chosen their favorite colors. Andrew and Nicholas like blue, Parker likes red. So this day became a day of confusion for us. When the boys get up in the morning whoever volunteers to get dressed first gets to pick the first shirt of the three offered for the day. Andrew went first and I assumed he’d pick one of the blue shirts, of course he chose the red one.

Parker, Andrew, Nicholas Doesn’t help that Parker is giving us a very Nicholas like smile.

We played games for about five hours, we just bought Pandemic and learned to play it as a group. It’s a ton of fun to play since it’s a cooperative game we spent the time trying to cure disease instead of trying to figure out how to keep the guys from winning (well that’s what Amy and I do). It was the most fun I think I’ve ever had losing a game, we did win the second attempt though.
Sunday was a lazy day, Cody introduced the boys to a racing game. Since they have been obsessed with racing since we got back from California. The loved it! Doesn’t hurt that Cody has a racing wheel and pedals, everyone got a turn ‘driving’ it was a lot of crashing and going in circles while we ran the pedals.


Driving takes a lot of concentration.


At school the boys had a Thanksgiving themed week, they came home Monday wanting to make more turkey hands and insisting Cody did too.


Nicholas also wanted to make sure Biscuit wasn’t left out.


The Thanksgiving crafts continued on Tuesday where the boys painted giant feathers, those luckily stayed at school. On Wednesday Cody was only working a half day so he had already planned on picking up the boys from school. That turned out to be a very good thing. The boys made feathered hats.


Modeling his hat and eating a banana (I think).


Wednesday morning about 3 am the stomach flu hit me, but since my work has a policy that requires you work at least half of your scheduled shift on the day before and after a paid holiday to receive holiday pay I drug myself in to the office. I kept my distance from everyone and clocked out exactly half way through my day. I spent the rest of the day and the next two days in bed, stomach flu plus what I’m fairly sure is another sinus infection/head/chest cold.
Cody took the boys to Thanksgiving dinner at his parents after letting them play all morning in hopes of getting a car nap on the drive.


I more or less didn’t see the boys for two days, I wanted to make sure we did everything we could to prevent them getting sick. The boys loved all of the Daddy time, lots of playing with cars. Including some racing around the house.

Ready, set, go!

The stomach flu seems to have passed for me, still dealing with the other gunk but at least I’m functioning again. We were hoping Cody had dodged the flu and instead it was just delayed in getting to him.  Fingers crossed he recovers faster than I did and doesn’t pick up anything else and even more hoping the boys stay healthy.

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