Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Simon Says

Sunday afternoon after playing in the snow the boys asked Cody to take their picture. This never happens, in fact more often than not they refuse to look at the camera and getting smiles can be like pulling teeth. Not one to miss out on the opportunity Cody grabbed his camera and got this:


It’s photos like this that remind me that they do look a lot alike. I understand why people get them mixed up sometimes, but spending so much of my day with them has desensitized me to seeing the similarities.
After Cody took that picture he asked the boys if they wanted him to set up his other camera stuff and they agreed. Not only did they agree, but they also gathered on the couch again for more pictures. It turned into a game of Simon Says.

Simon Says hands on your head:


Simon Says touch your ears:


Simon Says cover your mouth:


Simon Says hug Parker:


Simon Says yay:


Finally, Simon Says smile:


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