Monday, November 12, 2012


Still catching up. Halloween felt like a two week event at our house. First we had the trick or treating at Disneyland, then we had a family party on the 28th. On the 30th my office had an open house event where kids were invited to trick or treat, play games and do some coloring. I went by myself, so I didn’t take any pictures. It was challenging enough to keep the boys together and somewhat quiet as people were still working.
I’m sure the boys will be convinced that I’ll I do at work is give out candy, play games and listen to loud music. Walking them through aisles of cubicles felt like I was herding cats. The boys gathered a ton of candy and were getting the hang of saying trick or treat, they didn’t do so well with the just taking one part.
On Halloween we got the boys dressed, sprayed their hair and only made it around one block before everyone was ready to go home.


I’m hoping next year will be less frustrating and I just keep telling myself they are only 3 years old. At every door they each wanted to ring the doorbell at least a dozen times, take a handful of candy and they also started telling people what candy they wanted even if it wasn’t one of the options.
Not everyone understood what they were dressed as, the assumption was just that they were dressed as Scottish boys. The few that got the reference were very excited.
At home we attempted to limit the candy intake, for some reason they were much more interested in the candy then their actual dinner.


I was just happy we got so much use of their costumes this year since I think this is the last year I’ll get to choose the boys costumes.

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