Saturday, November 3, 2012


For the last three months the boys have been saying three months until Disneyland even when we explained that it was only two months, then one and even when we were counting the days they insisted that it was three months until Disneyland. We left our hotel in San Diego stopped for a quick breakfast before the drive to Anaheim, luckily the boys napped on the drive and woke up right as we were getting off the freeway.
We stayed at the Anaheim Plaza for the first time, on our last two trips we stayed at the Fairfield Inn. The Plaza was okay, it was a standard hotel. The rooms were larger than Fairfield, which was great for us and we had a back patio. We checked in and immediately headed for Downtown Disney for some dinner and window shopping.
Of course my favorite stop is looking in the window at the confectionary, the candied apples are always cool to look at.


We had promised the boys a treat, hoping they would have the rice cereal Mickeys that the boys had last year. No such luck, but the boys happily accepted Lightning McQueen cookies instead.

Can’t smile, eating cookies.

Cookies eaten we continued walking through downtown, we didn’t stop in many stores since we tend to do most of our souvenir shopping on our last day. We did spend a fair amount of time at the Lego shop letting the boys build at the tables set up outside.


The wall of Lego figurines.


We stopped at a few more shops, but by 6 pm everyone was a little tired and we still needed to get everyone in the bath and set up the boys beds for the night. We could tell the boys were tired when they just wanted to sit on the sidewalk Mickeys instead of walking back to the hotel.


We got the boys ready for bed, this is the last trip we’ll be able to use their Peapod travel beds. When we bought them it was the hope that we’d be able to use them until the boys were at least 5. They are marketed as usable until about age 6, but the boys already are almost to tall. We told the boys that the next morning we were going to Carsland and they luckily were still able to sleep. 

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