Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where does the time go?

It seems like the days are flying by. In the last couple weeks we’ve gone and spent a few hours playing at my uncle (so the boy's great uncle) house. They picked apples and played at the nearby park. We’ve went to the start of season open house at gymnastics where we played on all of the equipment for more than an hour. We went to a yard sale of boys clothing at my cousin’s house she told me the clothing was all 5t and up, but instead it was 5t and down. We still had fun visiting and the boys played with her son.

20120824_171332 20120824_171154

Cody has had a dozen photo shoots for families, couples, and kids from toddlers to seniors over the last couple weeks to build his portfolio before he officially starts his small business. I’ll post some or a like to his site when he’s ready.
We had our first instacare visit. I’m happy we made it to almost 3.5 before our first visit. Nicholas fell about 5 inches (yes inches) and dislocated his elbow. He was really good as were his brothers in the doctor’s office. Within minutes of it being popped back into place he was happily running towards the door with a popsicle.
We’ve spent a fair amount of time outside playing in the yard with the water tables, walking around the neighborhood, riding bikes, short hikes and just playing. I’ve been bad at taking pictures beyond my phone since we haven’t been using the choo choo or stroller this month.


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