Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where does the time go?

It seems like the days are flying by. In the last couple weeks we’ve gone and spent a few hours playing at my uncle (so the boy's great uncle) house. They picked apples and played at the nearby park. We’ve went to the start of season open house at gymnastics where we played on all of the equipment for more than an hour. We went to a yard sale of boys clothing at my cousin’s house she told me the clothing was all 5t and up, but instead it was 5t and down. We still had fun visiting and the boys played with her son.

20120824_171332 20120824_171154

Cody has had a dozen photo shoots for families, couples, and kids from toddlers to seniors over the last couple weeks to build his portfolio before he officially starts his small business. I’ll post some or a like to his site when he’s ready.
We had our first instacare visit. I’m happy we made it to almost 3.5 before our first visit. Nicholas fell about 5 inches (yes inches) and dislocated his elbow. He was really good as were his brothers in the doctor’s office. Within minutes of it being popped back into place he was happily running towards the door with a popsicle.
We’ve spent a fair amount of time outside playing in the yard with the water tables, walking around the neighborhood, riding bikes, short hikes and just playing. I’ve been bad at taking pictures beyond my phone since we haven’t been using the choo choo or stroller this month.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Catching up a little

We’ve been staying busy as usual and I’ve been really bad about taking my camera with me, but at least I have my phone. It helps that Cody does take his camera. Last Wednesday I met a friend and her kids (also triplets) at the zoo. We knew it would be warm and of course it ended up being the hottest day of the month (102°F) and I had decided that we’d be going in the wagon to avoid having to leave early from the boys not listening and running everywhere.
We started by playing with the globe or water ball according to the boys.


Then made our way to the Rocky Shores and air conditioning. The polar bear was swimming and putting on quite a show for us all.


Of course they had their maps, which has become a must have on every visit. The Spiderman water bottles are new though. A kid in their play school class has introduced them to Spiderman and while they don’t really get the whole hero thing, they like him.
After the polar bears it was time to see the giraffes, I am so glad the giant hill is closed off for now. The milder ramp is still a challenge with the wagon. At the giraffes we attempted a group photo, I’m going to assume that getting six 3 year olds to look at the camera simply cannot be done without props.

The boys are about 5 months younger than their friends, I can’t help but laugh at the size difference. I would have been happy to trade wagons for the hills though.

After seeing most of the animals we headed for a quick train ride before calling it a day. One of the little girls was so sweet and gave Andrew a hug and a kiss to say goodbye. She planted the kiss in the center of his chest because that’s as high as she could reach. I’m hoping to spend more time at the zoo in the coming months, it should start cooling down and it’s the perfect way to get the boys ready for the walking and staying with us that is necessary for our next Disney trip.

Thursday was a normal day followed by some camping prep. The plan was to be camping Friday and Saturday night then come home Sunday afternoon. Sadly the campground was full and we ended up turning around and heading home. We had a ton of camping food (hot dogs, tin foil dinners, marshmallows) that needed to be cooked.
Since we were not camping we just headed up Milcreek Canyon to walk some trails and enjoy some time around the camp fire. The boys loved exploring. They were color coded from gymnastics earlier in the morning.


Pretending to fish in the icy cold water.

Parker kind of cooperated for a photo.

After running around for over an hour we found a picnic site and got dinner going. The boys each at 2 hotdogs, a tortilla a bunch of marshmallows and were still asking for more. The teenage years should be interesting if they are already eating like bottomless children.

He is so his father’s son.

The boys were of course covered in dirt, so we made it home and it was straight to bath and bedtime.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Survived our first playschool sickness

We’ve been just as busy as always, but with a holiday and a cold thrown into the mix. On July 24th the boys school was closed for the holiday and we had no other option available, so they got to go work with Cody. They did really well in the office, of course Cody set up the projector screen and built a train track for them. I picked them up as soon as I got home from work. That night the boys seemed a little cranky, but I assumed it was just from being off the normal schedule.
Wednesday they went to school as usual, by 11:30 we got the phone call that the boys had a fever of 101.3 (all of them) so I traded some hours to work on Friday instead. By Thursday night fevers had broken, but returned with a vengeance the next day. Nicholas ended up running a fever just shy of 103. Everyone was tired and cranky, including Cody and I since the boys had us up roughly every 45 minutes for two nights in a row.
Since I had to make up hours Friday the boys got to hang out with Cody in the morning until I was off at 9 am. I met Cody at the office to trade cars and take the boys home. We spent the weekend trying to keep the boys from over exerting themselves, that meant a lot of long drives and more screen time than we usually allow. We spent some time coloring and doing quiet activities, or at least as quiet as it gets around here.


Color Wonder paper are pretty awesome. The boys did almost no drawing on the table, but since they don’t work there was no fun drawing anywhere but on the paper. We also spent some time tracing the alphabet and drawing on their dry erase boards.
By Monday everyone was back to normal, we got back on schedule. On Tuesday we went to a make up gymnastics class, it was complete chaos. Many kids were making up classes from the holiday and the class ended up being at capacity. We more or less just stuck to the normal schedule the rest of the week including a Friday afternoon visit to the zoo.
As of Saturday Cody has been officially scheduling and doing photoshoots, he has done one family and one couples shoot with quite a few more already on the calendar. It’s been very exciting to see him getting to use his gear, and the pictures have come out great. I’ll post a few once Cody has them processed.
This afternoon we took the boys out to the Kaysville Botanical Center to walk around, see the ducks and run around on the trails and bridges.


The boys enjoyed throwing rocks into the pond, but make a hasty retreat when the ducks and geese came over in hopes of being fed.


We ran a lap around the area then headed back for some shade and a snack.


We’ve found a new snack called Foodles, basically they are Mickey (think Toodles from Mickey Mouse Club House) shaped snack packs with fruit, cheese, and pretzels or grapes. They make other kinds, but I’m not ready to give the boys loose granola or yogurt dip. The boys love them and always get so excited when I buy them.

Look at those red faces, that’s what running in 90+ degree weather does.


Everyone sat down and drank a bottle of water, ate their snack and it was back to running.


They were running races, sort of; no one said go and they never lined up just random racing from us and back to the rocks. We think this will become a weekly tradition. Find a park or other scenic area to let the boys run around then have a picnic lunch. It’s also a great way for Cody to find new photo locations.