Saturday, July 21, 2012

We are having fun wearing them out

As soon as I picked the boys up from school on Thursday it was time to make sure they nice and tired for bedtime. From their school we headed straight for the zoo. It’s still not possible for me to manage the boys walking and take my normal camera with me. I snapped a few shots with my phone though. I just moved to a new Galaxy III S and the camera is so much nicer than my old phone. It will never replace my DSLR, but works well enough. For the first time this year I let the boys each carry a map, it had an added benefit making them slow down.

zoo bench
Parker, Nicholas, Andrew

The boys were disappointed that the river otters were not swimming, but we did get to see the polar bear swimming. She was diving and swimming for over a half hour.


The boys were squealing with excitement every time the polar bear came up to the glass. Because it was later in the day when we arrived and sprinkling a little the zoo was basically deserted so we got to watch her for as long as they wanted. We left at around 6 pm and Cody had dinner on the table waiting when we got home. It was straight to bath and bed.

Friday we had planned a play date at the local splash pad and play ground with the other triplet moms. Not many made it this time, which is understandable with at least 3 little ones something often comes up. The boys only spent about a half hour in the water.


I told them we were not playing on the playground, so they linked hands and happily walked together towards the playground. I couldn’t say no to that level of cuteness. They ran, slid and climbed for about an hour before they were ready for lunch. They are completely fearless in their climbing now, only being stopped when their size/reach stops them.


The boys refused to nap (as usual) so they were tired and super cranky for most of the afternoon. I moved dinner up so they could be in bed extra early. By dinner time they were out of their minds exhausted and taking bites between eye rubs.

Saturday was the normal gymnastics, unfortunately the boys were up at 6:30 and still tired when we got to class. I knew we were in trouble when the boys were saying they would go to sleep in the van on our way to class. I tried taking a long slow drive home to get the boys to take a nap on the way home, but wasn’t successful.
Before bed as part of the wear them out activity we headed for the Mueller Park Trailhead to let the boys splash around in the water and toss some small rocks.


I keep hoping that one day group photos will get easier, today was not that day.


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