Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sad attempt at catching up

Over the last week and a half we have stayed very busy, somehow I think we’ll be staying busy for the next 15 years or so. In the last 11 days we’ve visited the zoo 4 times, gymnastics twice, visited parks and taken quite a few walks. The boys are adjusting to playschool. The schedule is starting to sink in and it’s working.
I think I’m going to be adding the zoo into the normal week night rotation of the wear the boys out plan. The first time I took them I pulled everyone around in the choo choo wagon.

112 lbs! This is why I’ll be leaving the wagon behind on all future trips. The scale isn’t all that accurate, by my guess it’s at least 20 lbs short. It was good to take once just to make sure the boys were not afraid of any of the animals and to explore the new Rocky Shores exhibit.
No one was afraid of any animals, they were not so sure about the elephants but not outwardly afraid. We renewed our membership and it includes unlimited rides on the train and the carousel. Sadly we couldn’t ride the carousel, they require that each child under 42 inches be accompanied by an adult. To make up for it we rode the train 4 times.
After riding the train the boys requested to go wave at the train before heading home.


I promise they were having fun, but they still refuse to look at the camera. Saturday we had our usual gymnastics class followed by a complete refusal to have a quiet time or nap time. The boys were super cranky so we went for a nice long drive. The rest of the day was just running errands including going to the toy store. Part of our zoo membership renewal meant a couple of small gifts: an umbrella, a bumper sticker and a plush polar bear. Nicholas has claimed the bear and has named him Biscuit. To try and prevent fights I took the boys to the toy store and let Andrew and Parker pick out animals of their own.

Parker and his giraffe.

Biscuit and the elephant.

Since the zoo was nice and Cody hadn’t seen the new exhibit we planned on going again Sunday morning. We arrived at opening, it was relatively cool out. We went without strollers or the wagon, there is still a big struggle to keep the boys walking with us in public. Parker does a pretty good job walking and staying next to us. Andrew is the first to break into a sprint with Nicholas not far behind. When they run they have to hold our hands and walk. We made it to Rocky Shores just in time to see the river otters playing and swimming, followed by the feeding time for the seals. Even the polar bear was doing a little swimming. The grizzly bears where up and about too. Cody hasn’t processed the photos yet, but he got some nice ones.
We did the exact same thing the next week, not by plan but it just worked out. I had a doctor appointment Friday afternoon and afterwards the boys were asking to go to the fun zoo again. We arrived about 10 minutes before the gates close, luckily the grounds are open for another hour and a half.
This time it was no wagon and just me to wrangle everyone. I’m sure it looked a lot like I was trying to herd cats, but we all had fun. The boys enjoyed the freedom to look up close at all the animals and did a bit better staying with me. Walking around the zoo means at least 2 miles of roaming and makes for very tired boys. We made it home just in time for dinner and baths. I got the boys in bed heard about 3 minutes of chatter then silence until almost 7:30 the next morning.
We took the scenic route to gymnastics and still arrived about a half hour early, in the parking lot a large Zumba group was working out, the boys insisted on going to watch the “dancing people.” We found a nice rock ledge to sit on while they cheered and clapped for everyone in the class. The group got a kick out of the boys, there was a lot of waving and smiles.
Gymnastics went well followed by going home just in time to see daddy mowing the lawn. It turned into a group activity.


It started raining and we headed out to run errands. Sunday we went to the zoo again to take full advantage of the cooler weather and hoping the pending rain would keep the crowds away.
The zoo was perfect weather Sunday morning, even though we arrived a little later than planned it still wasn’t crowded. This time the otters were not out, but we did get to see the grizzly bears playing in the water and on one of the logs in their enclosure. The boys were really testing us. Refusing to listen, not staying with us and oh the whining.
No one fell asleep on the drive home, lunch was served, rest/quiet time was a complete failure. We had 3 very tired and super cranky boys on our hands, so we went to the park. It’s a great way for them to run off any energy they had left and not have any toys to fight over. I’m hoping that the whining and testing constantly is a more of a phase than something we’ll be managing for years to come. I understand that some whining and pushing boundaries is normal and expected, but they seem to make a marathon out of it some days. It was nice that the boys were in bed and asleep before 7 pm. They were so exhausted! Since I wake them up at 6:30 it’s even more important that they go down early, which means a lot of long walks to and from the park before dinner.  
I barely took any photos in the last week. I haven’t managed to work out taking pictures while taking the boys anywhere without the wagon and we have a lot of pictures of the boys sitting in a wagon.

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