Thursday, July 5, 2012


The boys started pre-school/daycare last Monday and it’s been pretty good so far. They were not too happy about being woken up at 6:30 am and I was repeatedly asked to turn the light back off. I told the school I would color code the boys for the first week to make it a little easier.

They sat down in this order for me, totally rocking the bed head.

When I picked them up they Parker walked up and said “Mommy I found you” which made we worry a little that he’d been looking for me. The report was pretty good. The director told me they didn’t think the boys talked until it was rest time. They spent the morning being pretty quiet. My guess is they were being shy and trying to adjust to the situation. Then it was time to lay down to rest where Nicholas stated “I cannot sleep in this room.” He ended up being taken out of the room due to a tantrum at being asked to lay down, he spent the time reading with the teacher.  Parker was really well behaved, Andrew fought rest time and Nicholas didn’t sleep at all.
Tuesday was even more of a battle when it was time to rest, Nicholas didn’t sleep and woke up Andrew who helped him wake up Parker. *sigh* We known for a while now that Parker needs the most sleep and Nicholas needs the least with Andrew falling somewhere in the middle. Tomorrow I’ll take their towels and hope it goes a better, I keep telling myself it’s only the first week and we’ve had some major changes to our schedule and routines. At least we haven’t had any issues with not sharing, fighting or not listening to the teachers.
Wednesday we had the day off so the boys stayed home with us (the 4th will be a whole separate post). Today went great, everyone napped and no tantrums. That was the best news I could have hoped to get from the teachers. I think they are getting adjusted, with luck next week will go off without a hitch.

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