Sunday, July 1, 2012

Big boy beds

We’ve been putting off transitioning to toddler beds for a long time, the big wait was for both of us to be at home every night until the boys were completely used to sleeping without their tents. The plan was to make sure they were very tired and excited about their new beds.
The boys and I headed to gymnastics first thing this morning while Cody stayed home to convert the cribs. The boys worked on a new skill today that they loved. They have always been big fans of the uneven bars, today they did front supports on the low bar then (with help) standing up on the low bar to reach and hang from the high bar. The boys were the only kids in the class that were tall enough to reach the top bar without the instructor lifting them. They were so proud of themselves!
Part two of making bedtime successful was to make sure the boy wanted to sleep in their beds, so we took them to pick out the bedding. Cody grabbed one of each of the boys options off the shelf and we took them to another aisle that had nothing of interest to them, I think it was office supplies. The choices were lined up, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Thomas and Lightning McQueen. I was hoping they would either each choose something different or all the same to prevent future fights. Parker chose first. He immediately went for the Thomas bed set, Andrew did the same, by Nicholas’ turn he was chanting ‘have to choose Thomas’ and shaking with excitement. It did take 2 stores to get enough of them. I’ve found that Target usually only stocks two of anything in the same size or style.
Once they were pumped up about getting Thomas beds it was time to to get the boys good and tired. We decided to take them to the local splash pad. We haven’t been back since last year, I can’t believe how much they’ve grown since then. It was interesting see how each of the boys approached the water. At first they were a little unsure.


Parker was the first to jump in and start splashing.


Nicholas was not far behind in the splashing fun.


Andrew was pretty hesitant until he got some good encouragement from Daddy. At first glance it looked like Cody was dragging Andrew through the water, but look at that smile.


Nicholas and Parker were drenched in no time with Andrew splashing just a bit behind his brothers, they looked like they were having a great time.


One of the few shots with all three faces in it.


Once they had their fill of water we let them play on the attached playground for a little while to drip dry before heading home. While the boys were playing I noticed the mild allergic reactions both Parker and Nicholas were having. Since they had spent more time with water shooting into their faces I’m not surprised. I guess the concentration of sunblock in  the re-circulated water is high enough to cause them to react. I really really hope they grow out of the allergy.
Once home the boys ate dinner while I snuck upstairs to make their beds.

We did bath time then finally let them into their room to check out and try the new big boy beds.

There was a lot of chattering and some running around, every time we would open the bedroom door it was like mice scampering back to their beds. A few times they were so rushed they didn’t get back to the correct bed. There was talking, some singing (Nicholas), and a one escape when Parker came out and startled Cody. It took in total an hour and a half for everyone to be asleep in the correct bed. They slept until 6:15 (ugh) when someone was shouting for a bum change.
The offender didn’t need to be changed, but it turned into toddler party part two. I stayed in the room for an hour plus until everyone was back asleep. They slept until their normal wake up time of 9. Overall I think it went pretty well. I was sort of expecting an all night battle. I can’t believe how quickly they are becoming big boys!

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