Monday, June 18, 2012

Random stuff

As usual we have been busy and my training schedule is still not fun. Luckily the boys love their babysitter and can’t wait for her to arrive each day. Each day after Cody takes our sitter home he usually takes the boys to dinner or to a park to run off energy.

Since my schedule change naps have gone away. They usually take a short car nap on the drive to take the sitter home, but it’s usually only for a half hour. They play, have dinner, bath time and then it’s off to bed.

Some post bath Super Why time before bed. They helped themselves to the bread, at least they’re sharing

Just two more weeks and I start working mornings and we start a whole new schedule. We’ve already changed gymnastics schedule, now we have a Saturday morning class. The best part of the class is that there are only six kids in the class, so the boys are half of the class with three instructors.

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