Tuesday, May 8, 2012

They love bath night

The boys love bath night, they beg for baths and will still start stripping if they hear the water running. To make bath time even more fun occasionally we add glow sticks and turn off the lights for some extra fun. Last night after a few hours riding bikes and playing with their trucks Cody gave them a glow bath.

Bath time usually involves a lot of splashing, pretend swimming and then some more splashing. Last night the boys decided the glow sticks were straws and were attempting to drink through them. I am so glad they are not actually straws and am trying not to think about them drinking bath water.
Even with the low light Cody was able to take some video (thank you manual focus).

The glow sticks and playing meant for reduced splashing. Cody got off easy and wasn’t completely soaked like he usually is after bath time.

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