Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One reason I’ll miss having mornings off

As much as I am looking forward to having nights off to be home with the whole family I’ll really miss being able to go to a neighborhood playground and have it all to ourselves. The forecast for today was supposed to be rain, instead it’s a beautiful day outside. I don’t know if it’s a boy thing, a young kid thing or just my kids but they can’t resist getting as dirty as possible as quickly as they can.


Everyone sat down in the bark to make castles only to bulldoze them immediately after.


Eventually the call of the slides and climbing was to much for them and it was a good half an hour of playing on the playground equipment.


Andrew earned a timeout by throwing rocks so he served his time on one of the park benches.


To show why timeouts can be a little ineffective. Here is the other park bench while Andrew was in his timeout.



At least they were taking turns sitting on the other bench.

The boys had about 10 more minutes of playing before they decided to stop listening to me and running out of the playground. The warning they were given when we arrived to at the park was if anyone left the playground we’d have to leave. It wasn’t a huge punishment since we left the park and went to 7-11 where they were giving out free slurpees. I didn’t take my camera into the store because I knew I’d have the boys plus trying to carry three slurpees. The boys (to my surprise) held hands the whole time and stayed with me. 
Since it was so nice out we went outside to sit on the curb and enjoy.

Sorry for the horrible camera phone quality.

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