Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just keeping busy

Over the last week we’ve been doing the same old thing, running errands and playing outside. On nights when I’m not at work we always try to get out and do something fun. When I am at work Cody usually tries to get the boys out usually by biking to a local park. The boys love going for bike rides, but love playing on playgrounds even more.

Wednesday was the usual Dad’s night out with the boys, including dinner at Noodles.

Last Thursday Cody’s mom retired so we took a gift out and let the boys visit. Unfortunately the boys refused to nap which means they were in rare form that day. When the boys miss nap it looks like they get super hyper, they ran around like wild children (compared to their normal behavior) then were so tired their eyes were rolling back in their heads on the drive home. We barely were able to coax some food into them before they crashed.
Friday was our usual morning routine with gymnastics. They are still loving gymnastics and getting much better at focusing, following instructions and learning some new skills. After gymnastics and naptime we wanted to make sure the boys slept well and wanted to look at some potential photo locations for a photo shoot Cody had scheduled for Saturday.

I love that the boys will run around playing separately and then come back together to play for a little bit before splitting up again.


Saturday we headed for a different park in the morning, but this time we all walked. Turns out having the boys walk .75 miles to a park, play for 20 minutes then walking home makes them tired.  At naptime Cody headed out for the scheduled photo shoot and got some wonderful shots of our friends 4 year olds. As an awesome bonus we are able to trade photos for babysitting, so Cody and I will have a date night soon.

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