Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big Changes

We are trying to prepare for some changes at our house due to my work schedule. Since I returned to work when the boys were 10 months old I have been working nights and weekends. It’s meant on Sundays Cody has been on his own until about 5 pm and we trade keys in the driveway when he gets home Mon-Wed. It hasn’t been ideal, but I’ve been able to stay home with the boys all day and Cody gets Daddy time. My office is changing structure, I’ll still be working part-time just very different hours. Previously all part time employees were required to work closing shifts on weekdays (until 11 pm) and at least one weekend day. With the changes the office will be closed on weekends, closing at 9 pm and all part time employees have to work shifts starting at 8 am.
This is a huge change in hours and the overall schedule we’ve been following for the last 2 years+. At first I was kind of freaking out about how I was going to keep working, make sure the boys were taken care of and still get to spend time with Cody and the boys as a family.
Luckily the boys are old enough to start pre-school, so after a month of full time training (not looking forward to this) I’ll go back to working mornings for the first time in 4 years. The boys will start going to pre-school and we’ll be home as a family every night. Another bonus of the changes is I will no longer have to work on holidays.
Finding a pre-school was quite the adventure, I made a lot of phone calls and went on a few tours and suffered from some major sticker shock. Prices ranged from $90 to $500 a week per child. The cheapest place I didn’t finish the tour it was so bad, the most expensive I didn’t even take the tour. Of the ones I looked at only two of them I decided were acceptable, maybe I’m picky or just a bit overprotective. I’m still struggling to accept that my babies are old enough for pre-school.
They won’t start until July, so that gives us just over a month to try to explain school to them. I’m hoping that in addition to learning some basics it will be a good way for the boys to socialize with others and make some new friends. Gymnastics has helped to get the boys to separate a little and interact outside of their circle. There is still some work to do to get each of them comfortable alone.
Parker is the most independent in social situations and will easily move from away from his brothers to try something. On the tours of pre-schools the boys went with me and it was always Parker that would jump right into whatever the other kids were doing while Andrew and Nicholas tended to hang back and stick together. While I love how close the boys are I also want to them to have a good sense of who they are as individuals.
Other than trying to find a pre-school and finding a babysitter to watch the boys while I’m in training we’ve been spending a lot of time at parks and trying to teach the boys to stay with us when we are out and about. The boys are going to be to big for the choo choo wagon by the end of the summer and they need to learn to not run away from us. To teach them we’ve spent a couple nights walking around the outdoor malls. Sadly this means no photos since we need both of us able to hold hands or sometimes chasing down a little boy that doesn’t want to stay with us.
We went to City Creek and really enjoyed walking through the game store. Cody and I love playing board games, with the boys getting old enough to entertain themselves and everyone being home at night we’ll hopefully get a few game nights. I think our next purchase will be Ticket to Ride thanks to Tabletop. The game store had some magnifying glasses that the boys loved, so of course they each got one.
They spent the rest of the time at the mall “looking for clues” and finding dinosaur tracks. At home they have been examining everything.


This was a very wordy post, so random shot of the boys from a birthday party last Sunday.

Parker, Andrew, Nicholas

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