Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long weekend

It’s been a long week, without warning last week my office called and told me we would no longer be open on weekends and I would have to make up the hours on Thursday and Friday. I of course was not thrilled, it meant working 5 nights in a row with very little notice two weeks before I had planned on it.
Thursday I went to work already waiting for the weekend, Friday I had planned on work and was excited for the 3 day weekend. Friday afternoon work called again (I was worried), but instead they were letting me know they were overstaffed and wanted to offer to let me have the night off. When Cody came home we headed for the park to let the boys play.

I can’t tell you how nervous the rock bridge makes me. The boys are fine on it, but still it’s always nerve wracking.

The insisted on wearing their sunglasses the entire time.

This playground has a lot of different climbing options, but they boys seemed to stay on the main play set. Climbing up and going down the slides constantly.

As the boys were running out of energy they started a tickle fight between each other and Daddy.

Nicholas was far more cooperative with the camera that night.

Saturday was the usual running errands and we had company over for game night. We played Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan while our boys and our friends 4 year old watched a movie. We had so much fun! It’s been a long time since we have had a game night. Sunday morning Cody stated to feel not great, the boys and I gave him some time to rest, so we ran errands until naptime. After naps I went to visit a fellow triplet mom who is currently on bed rest at the hospital.  I made it home just in time to help with bedtime.
Monday Cody was feeling poorly so again the boys and I headed out after breakfast until nap time. I was happy to have the night off because Cody was not up to the night routine alone. Four nights off in a row gave me a little bit of a preview of what it will be like when I switch to my new shift. It will be great to be home for bed time every night, I just have to survive 5 weeks of not being home on weeknights.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One reason I’ll miss having mornings off

As much as I am looking forward to having nights off to be home with the whole family I’ll really miss being able to go to a neighborhood playground and have it all to ourselves. The forecast for today was supposed to be rain, instead it’s a beautiful day outside. I don’t know if it’s a boy thing, a young kid thing or just my kids but they can’t resist getting as dirty as possible as quickly as they can.


Everyone sat down in the bark to make castles only to bulldoze them immediately after.


Eventually the call of the slides and climbing was to much for them and it was a good half an hour of playing on the playground equipment.


Andrew earned a timeout by throwing rocks so he served his time on one of the park benches.


To show why timeouts can be a little ineffective. Here is the other park bench while Andrew was in his timeout.



At least they were taking turns sitting on the other bench.

The boys had about 10 more minutes of playing before they decided to stop listening to me and running out of the playground. The warning they were given when we arrived to at the park was if anyone left the playground we’d have to leave. It wasn’t a huge punishment since we left the park and went to 7-11 where they were giving out free slurpees. I didn’t take my camera into the store because I knew I’d have the boys plus trying to carry three slurpees. The boys (to my surprise) held hands the whole time and stayed with me. 
Since it was so nice out we went outside to sit on the curb and enjoy.

Sorry for the horrible camera phone quality.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big Changes

We are trying to prepare for some changes at our house due to my work schedule. Since I returned to work when the boys were 10 months old I have been working nights and weekends. It’s meant on Sundays Cody has been on his own until about 5 pm and we trade keys in the driveway when he gets home Mon-Wed. It hasn’t been ideal, but I’ve been able to stay home with the boys all day and Cody gets Daddy time. My office is changing structure, I’ll still be working part-time just very different hours. Previously all part time employees were required to work closing shifts on weekdays (until 11 pm) and at least one weekend day. With the changes the office will be closed on weekends, closing at 9 pm and all part time employees have to work shifts starting at 8 am.
This is a huge change in hours and the overall schedule we’ve been following for the last 2 years+. At first I was kind of freaking out about how I was going to keep working, make sure the boys were taken care of and still get to spend time with Cody and the boys as a family.
Luckily the boys are old enough to start pre-school, so after a month of full time training (not looking forward to this) I’ll go back to working mornings for the first time in 4 years. The boys will start going to pre-school and we’ll be home as a family every night. Another bonus of the changes is I will no longer have to work on holidays.
Finding a pre-school was quite the adventure, I made a lot of phone calls and went on a few tours and suffered from some major sticker shock. Prices ranged from $90 to $500 a week per child. The cheapest place I didn’t finish the tour it was so bad, the most expensive I didn’t even take the tour. Of the ones I looked at only two of them I decided were acceptable, maybe I’m picky or just a bit overprotective. I’m still struggling to accept that my babies are old enough for pre-school.
They won’t start until July, so that gives us just over a month to try to explain school to them. I’m hoping that in addition to learning some basics it will be a good way for the boys to socialize with others and make some new friends. Gymnastics has helped to get the boys to separate a little and interact outside of their circle. There is still some work to do to get each of them comfortable alone.
Parker is the most independent in social situations and will easily move from away from his brothers to try something. On the tours of pre-schools the boys went with me and it was always Parker that would jump right into whatever the other kids were doing while Andrew and Nicholas tended to hang back and stick together. While I love how close the boys are I also want to them to have a good sense of who they are as individuals.
Other than trying to find a pre-school and finding a babysitter to watch the boys while I’m in training we’ve been spending a lot of time at parks and trying to teach the boys to stay with us when we are out and about. The boys are going to be to big for the choo choo wagon by the end of the summer and they need to learn to not run away from us. To teach them we’ve spent a couple nights walking around the outdoor malls. Sadly this means no photos since we need both of us able to hold hands or sometimes chasing down a little boy that doesn’t want to stay with us.
We went to City Creek and really enjoyed walking through the game store. Cody and I love playing board games, with the boys getting old enough to entertain themselves and everyone being home at night we’ll hopefully get a few game nights. I think our next purchase will be Ticket to Ride thanks to Tabletop. The game store had some magnifying glasses that the boys loved, so of course they each got one.
They spent the rest of the time at the mall “looking for clues” and finding dinosaur tracks. At home they have been examining everything.


This was a very wordy post, so random shot of the boys from a birthday party last Sunday.

Parker, Andrew, Nicholas

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Have to go dolfing!

For the boys birthday they were each given a beginner golf set, they are so excited about every aspect of the toy. I hear lots of requests to go dolf (golf) in the yard. They enjoy hitting the balls, gathering them back up and putting them in the dispenser, but the favorite part is pulling the bag around the yard and neighborhood.

Cody managed to capture an expression on Andrew that we are very familiar with, the one that precedes him doing something he shouldn’t or figuring out how to get around the rules.

Cody golfs, as do most of the people in our family. I used to, but it’s been a very long time (and a few broken arms) since I last went. It could end up being a great father son activity in the future.

Cody recently did a big update on his 365 project, at the end of the year all of the photos for the project will be put into a book.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just keeping busy

Over the last week we’ve been doing the same old thing, running errands and playing outside. On nights when I’m not at work we always try to get out and do something fun. When I am at work Cody usually tries to get the boys out usually by biking to a local park. The boys love going for bike rides, but love playing on playgrounds even more.

Wednesday was the usual Dad’s night out with the boys, including dinner at Noodles.

Last Thursday Cody’s mom retired so we took a gift out and let the boys visit. Unfortunately the boys refused to nap which means they were in rare form that day. When the boys miss nap it looks like they get super hyper, they ran around like wild children (compared to their normal behavior) then were so tired their eyes were rolling back in their heads on the drive home. We barely were able to coax some food into them before they crashed.
Friday was our usual morning routine with gymnastics. They are still loving gymnastics and getting much better at focusing, following instructions and learning some new skills. After gymnastics and naptime we wanted to make sure the boys slept well and wanted to look at some potential photo locations for a photo shoot Cody had scheduled for Saturday.

I love that the boys will run around playing separately and then come back together to play for a little bit before splitting up again.


Saturday we headed for a different park in the morning, but this time we all walked. Turns out having the boys walk .75 miles to a park, play for 20 minutes then walking home makes them tired.  At naptime Cody headed out for the scheduled photo shoot and got some wonderful shots of our friends 4 year olds. As an awesome bonus we are able to trade photos for babysitting, so Cody and I will have a date night soon.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

They love bath night

The boys love bath night, they beg for baths and will still start stripping if they hear the water running. To make bath time even more fun occasionally we add glow sticks and turn off the lights for some extra fun. Last night after a few hours riding bikes and playing with their trucks Cody gave them a glow bath.

Bath time usually involves a lot of splashing, pretend swimming and then some more splashing. Last night the boys decided the glow sticks were straws and were attempting to drink through them. I am so glad they are not actually straws and am trying not to think about them drinking bath water.
Even with the low light Cody was able to take some video (thank you manual focus).

The glow sticks and playing meant for reduced splashing. Cody got off easy and wasn’t completely soaked like he usually is after bath time.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

North Canyon Park

Friday’s are always a little off schedule due to gymnastics, nap time doesn’t start until almost three which means we are running at least an hour behind normal. That means we need to get the boys out and about to burn off energy since we can’t not nap. When Cody got home we decided to head for a park, after some debate we decided on North Canyon Park. It’s a huge park with a cool playground and trails to walk on.
We started out with a trail walk before even letting the boys see the playground.


Along with the paved paths there is some dirt trails and a small amphitheater. This means lots of photos of the backs of heads.


The boys love the amphitheater lots of climbing and of course jumping.


They climbed up and jumped down over and over and over again. Once they were all jumped out we made our way the playground. We easily spent an hour and a half with the boys running, climbing and sliding.


Their favorite part though is the “zip line”.


After we were all done with the sliding and climbing we took one more walk around the park with a brief stop at the volleyball courts. Just long enough for the boys to get coated in sand.

They definitely earned bath time after all this fun. I wish we could keep this perfect spring weather for a few more months, we are having so much fun enjoying it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dads night out

Last night was the nearly weekly boys night out. Cody loaded up the boys and headed to Noodles for their favorite dinner.

Ultra wide lens is why Nicholas is a little distorted.

Nick was reaching for the camera, the boys each took a picture of daddy then they headed out.
Unloading the boys from the van, especially in parking lots when alone can be a little scary and it can be very challenging to unload other kids while one or two stand next to or on your feet. Since I unload the boys for gymnastics each week I now have them leave the van and sit on the curb or sidewalk while waiting for everyone to be ready to go. When Cody unloaded them last night he noticed that the boys are pretty well trained.


They line up and then insist you take a picture. This was the first dinner outing with just one parent and no strollers. Cody said the did great at dinner, they went straight to the usual table, cheered when their dinner was delivered and made the usual mad dash to the door and to Jamba Juice.
On the drive home they stopped at the capitol, Cody wanted to get some shots of the sunset and let the boys run off energy. They love the capitol, lots of hills to run up and down, stairs to climb and curbing to walk along.




After running around the front for a while they headed up stairs to look out from the top of the stairs.


One of their favorite parts of the capitol is the fountain behind the building.


Who doesn’t love splashing in the fountain? The best part of this is the view from the side.


From behind is pretty stinking cute too.


A short video of the splashing fun.

Andrew is talking about finding the big red gooey fish, which is from an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They have been obsessed with finding the gooey fish.

More running around and it was back to the van. Cody snapped some great shots on the way.


The boys went straight to bed after getting home and were out without a peep.