Monday, April 16, 2012

Random photos and video from the last week

We’ve been fairly busy in the last week, running errands, play dates, gymnastics and the usual stuff. I haven’t taken many pictures though. With the weather warming up Cody has been taking the boys on bike rides while I’m at work. They love it. I need to get a picture of him with the trailer and bike seat loaded up. He’s been taking them on some long rides and some rides to the local park.

What goes up…

We had planned to go to the tulip festival on Saturday, but the weather was cold and rainy. Instead we went to brunch then hung out at home since we were expecting some company that afternoon.
An old friend from college and his wife are expecting a baby boy this summer,  so they came over to look through baby clothes that the boys have grown out of. They also brought with them their 4 year old son. The boys had a blast playing with him and I think he enjoyed the room of toys.  We happily reclaimed some space in our basement and the boys were very ready for bedtime after 3 hours of playing.
While I was at work yesterday Cody brought out the wooden trains, we had put them away about a month ago for a bit of a train break. To say the boys were excited to see their long lost trains is an understatement. Cody put down the tub and ran for his camera to get video of the engine trading/assigning.

After some non-stop train time, Cody took them for a walk around the neighborhood to burn off some energy before nap time. They decided they were airplanes and happily ‘flew’ ahead of him. I love seeing their imaginations come to life.

After work we loaded the boys up to pick out their big gift for their birthday. While they saw their gifts as we looked at all of the options, they didn’t see what we actually purchased. Hope they love it.
I can’t believe it’s only a week until the boys turn 3. We are just doing a small party for the boys this year, maybe next year we’ll do a kids party.  All that is left to do is make some individual cakes for the boys (like I’ve done every year), decorate a little and figure out where to order the pizza from for everyone.

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