Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Playing with the new toys

The boys have had a wonderful time with their birthday presents. We let them ride or try to ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk. Hopefully by the end of the summer they’ll be able to ride along with Cody around the neighborhood.


Nicholas and Parker caught on very quickly and were soon zooming up and down the street (and around the corner). Andrew is starting to get the concept of pedaling, but as with most things it has to be his idea. If we push or try to help he gets frustrated and gives up. Nicholas is our little speed demon, he hasn’t quite figured out how to use his breaks and even if he did I don’t think he would use them.



Along with trying out the new bikes they have also spent a lot of time building castles and towers with their new blocks. The play hut has been a hit and has many many uses. The tunnel has been a lot of fun for the boys to crawl through and to take turns sitting in or running around wearing.


The hut has become the boys fort, tent and boat. In an overdose of cuteness the boys all climbed into the tent laid down and told each other ‘happy thoughts, sweet dreams’ followed by pretend snoring. Today they flipped it upside down and were ‘floating on the water in the boat’.
I didn’t get a good picture of them opening them, but the boys were each given a Tag Junior and some books. The boys have spent a lot of time reading and trading books.


Nicholas wouldn’t hold still long enough to take a picture.

All of the new toys makes me anxious to go through/clean out all of the old toys and all the ones they don’t play with or have simply outgrown to make space. It’s a great reason to also get some new toy storage, we are looking at getting some big cabinets to store toys and all of the craft supplies in. I want easy access for Cody and I, but somewhere to put everything without giving the boys the same easy access.

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