Monday, April 30, 2012

Mini-shoot with the new bikes

With the boys having their new bikes Cody wanted to do a quick shoot with the boys and a first round of 3 year old photos. First the set up.

Love Andrew ‘helping’ with the lights.

Two flashes on stands, it was too windy to put up umbrellas even with the sandbags.  Cody learned that jelly beans are the best way to keep boys happy and posing.

Parker, Andrew, Nicholas

Apparently a little velco was all that was needed to keep the boys from pedaling away especially since our driveway has enough of an incline that the boys would roll down it without something to stop them. 
After a group shot he got the boys to cooperate just long enough (barely) for individual shots.


This week I think we’ll attempt taking some pictures on the seamless backgrounds (white, blue). We need updated individual pictures for our walls.

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