Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Look at the camera please

The boys have reached a point where they don’t really want to look at the camera when asked. Last Friday after gymnastics and nap time the boys and I went to play in the back yard. Of course they made a bee line for the dirt under the stairs. They were playing so nicely with each other I wanted to get a picture of them smiling while playing. Here’s the response I got:


I asked repeatedly and couldn’t get better than the sides of their faces. Eventually the boys started playing in the rest of the backyard, still with the dirt, but not under the stairs.
As long as I stood back at least 5 feet away the boys didn’t immediately turn away.



They of course were filthy after playing in the backyard, so we went out front and handed out the sidewalk chalk. I figure if it’s bath night might as well go for it completely. Sadly I didn’t take my camera into the front yard.
Camera and photo related, Cody updated his 365 project last night. He posted a full months worth of shots.  He does a much better job capturing shots of the boys I always look forward to seeing his posts and comments even if I have already seen the pictures.

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