Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had a very busy Easter, this was the first Easter we’ve really celebrated. Last year Easter fell on their birthday so we focused on celebrating that instead. The Easter bunny decided that buckets and shovels would be much more interesting to the boys than baskets. While we’ve moved away from color coding the boys clothing and toys, I stuck with their colors just to keep the fights to a minimum and they were the only colors they had available.

Their baskets had the basics, a little candy, bubbles, pin wheels, light up bouncy balls and their first pez dispensers. They were so excited we had almost 5 minutes without hearing about their engines. Of course then we opened their pez dispensers Nicholas and Andrew decided their engines needed to have some candy too.

After prying the candy out of their hands we tried to get some real breakfast in them before doing an egg hung in the back yard. I may have gone a little overboard with the eggs, we had about 60 hidden all over the back yard. The boys had a blast and in no time found all of the eggs.


Parker was the best at finding the eggs, but whenever or anyone else found more than one egg they would give the spare egg to someone else. I was pleasantly surprised to see the boys dividing out the eggs after they had all been found to make sure they all had the same amount. I was almost expecting some fighting.
We has another egg hunt later in the afternoon so we were going to attempt to move nap time up an hour or so, to help the boys burn off some energy (and sugar) we took a nice long (1.5 mile) walk around the neighborhood and played in the yard until lunch time.

After lunch we attempted and failed to have the boys take a nap. It was time to head to Cody’s parents for more Easter fun and for dinner. All of the kids had a great time searching for eggs. It took a while for all of the eggs to be found. Each of the plastic eggs had something different in them, but luckily Grandma taped the eggs shut so the kids wouldn’t inhale all of the candy and stop looking for more eggs.



After dinner everyone went back outside to play. It was such a nice day out everyone wanted to enjoy the sunshine. At one point Cody started playing in the grass with the boys and holding them up in the air.



So when I went to sit on the grass at the boy request (with some encouragement from Daddy) this is what happened.

Since the ground slopes a little bit and I had 100 lbs+ of toddler on me I was pinned. When I asked for help up Andrew went around behind me and started trying to lift my head and shoulders back up. Of course this was just so they could do it all over again.
Before too long the mosquitos started to come out and the lack of nap was really starting to show. We got the boys loaded back into the van and home for baths and an early bedtime.

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