Monday, April 2, 2012

City Creek

The new City Creek mall opened a couple weeks ago and we’ve had the chance to visit it twice. The first week it opened we took the boys for a quick look to see what all of the fuss was about. Turns out the mall is amazing, there is a creek going through the mall. It’s an outdoor mall, but has a retractable roof. On our first visit the goal was just to do a lap, visit the Disney store and for Cody to get some pictures.


The place was absolutely packed for the opening week, but because it was opening weekend there was a lot of live entertainment to see as we walked around. To keep the store from being overrun the Disney store had a line and were limiting the number of customers inside at any given time.  Lucky for us a saxophone player was stationed along the line, he noticed the boys and talked to us for a few minutes. At one point he knelt down in front of the boys and played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to them.

The boys loved it, they clapped and cheered for him. The Disney store could be a very expensive addition to the area for us. I only bought some popsicle molds, but I’m sure we’ll be spending a fair amount of time (and money) at this store.
After leaving the store we decided to head for the sky bridge and to go see the fountains. The boys loved the bridge mainly because it goes over Trax stops.

The fountains were cool, with as crowded as it was we had to wait for a while to get a front row seat on the balcony and again on the ground level.

The boys really really wanted to splash in the water. I know that if we got them out of the stroller we’d have to pull them off of the fountain. We had a great time and both realized that the Gateway mall is going to be in trouble.

A week later some triplet mom friends and I all met at the mall hoping to see the mall with what were were hoping would be smaller crowds.


I took very few photos while we were there. I forgot to grab my camera strap and was carrying the diaper bag while pulling the wagon. It’s safe to say we ended up getting a fair amount of attention and telling a lot of people where to buy the choo choo wagon. I’m sad to say the wagon probably won’t last us much longer, the boys are just too big. Together they are over 100 lbs and their feet no longer fit unless they turn them sideways.  We didn’t go in many stores just because it was crowded and the wagons are not very easy to get through small stores.
It was nice to just enjoy the weather and chat with friends. We had as a group decided to eat lunch at the mall. While waiting for the elevator I turned around and saw some guy leaned down talking to the boys which really freaked me out. It took me a few seconds to recognize that it was Cody. He stopped by on his lunch break. I wasn’t expecting him, but the boys were sure happy to see him. As an added bonus Cody of course was prepared with his camera.

After lunch the kids were all getting antsy so we decided to meet at a local park to let them run.  We went to Liberty Park which was relatively close by, but ended up being just a little to much for me. It is a great play area, it’s huge with a lot of different things to play with. The downside is that it’s huge and the large play structure in the center has tall sides that you can’t see through. It was very stressful to keep track of where everyone was especially with the boys running in separate directions.

The boys (Nicholas, Andrew) showing why we make sure they have different shoes to help with quick name recognition.

The boys went down some slides.


It was at this point I was reaching my limit for chasing down and tracking the boys. I got the boys into a small play house at the park to keep them in one spot and talk to them about staying together.


As a group we travelled to the swings, where sadly the boys demonstrated that they are growing up. They don’t really fit in the kiddie swings anymore.


Despite the stress at the park we had a good day and the boys were so ready for nap time when we got home.

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