Monday, April 23, 2012

Catching up

We have been sticking to our routine for the most part in the last week along with getting ready for the boys birthday party.  The boys have settled into the routine and really look forward to when Cody gets home from work and going for a bike ride. After naptime I’m sometimes told to go to work so the boys can go with Daddy.
After I leave they happily climb into the trailer or wait to be loaded into the bike seat before heading for a local park.

It’s very hard to take a picture of everyone on the bike while holding the bike, no chance of getting everyone (or anyone) to look at the camera.

The daily park and ride helps burn off energy and the boys love it. During the day we do a lot of playing at the house and running errands. As exciting as Costco and the grocery store can be it’s no surprise the boys look forward to the bike ride. They also look forward to gymnastics.
It’s hilarious listening to them as we drive to the gym. The boys can almost repeat back the rules I’ve given them. As soon as we exit the freeway I start to hear:
"We have to listen to Miss Janae”
“Wait patiently for our turn”
”No crying, can cry if we get hurt”
After a few trying weeks of crying and asking to go home they now look forward to going. This week they introduced the boys to the parachute for the first time. Even with the reflection from the glass I had to get some video.

When they first brought out the chute I noticed that the boys made sure to grab handles in ‘their’ colors. We only dress them in assigned colors at gymnastics (to help the teachers) and at family gatherings or events to make it easier for others who don’t see the boys as frequently. I guess they’ve grown attached.
They are doing a much better job staying focused while waiting for their turns on the different tasks.


I also love that they now will follow a series of instructions and not just run around climbing on everything.

After gymnastics the boys were so ready for a nap. After nap the boys played while I started getting ready for Saturday’s party. Cody met a friend for a mini-photowalk taking pictures around the U of U campus. It was a late night, I misjudged how long it would take to bake three cakes with two pans. I need to just go get another small pan so next time I don’t have to wait for the first 2 to cool before baking the third.

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