Monday, April 30, 2012

Mini-shoot with the new bikes

With the boys having their new bikes Cody wanted to do a quick shoot with the boys and a first round of 3 year old photos. First the set up.

Love Andrew ‘helping’ with the lights.

Two flashes on stands, it was too windy to put up umbrellas even with the sandbags.  Cody learned that jelly beans are the best way to keep boys happy and posing.

Parker, Andrew, Nicholas

Apparently a little velco was all that was needed to keep the boys from pedaling away especially since our driveway has enough of an incline that the boys would roll down it without something to stop them. 
After a group shot he got the boys to cooperate just long enough (barely) for individual shots.


This week I think we’ll attempt taking some pictures on the seamless backgrounds (white, blue). We need updated individual pictures for our walls.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3 year old well check

This morning I took the boys for their well child check. I’m pretty sure this is the last time I will bring the wagon into the office, there just isn’t enough space.


The visit went well, there are no concerns about the boys development. They were chatter boxes for the entire visit. After Nicholas had his blood pressure taken he said “Wow Andrew, that was awesome.”  The pediatrician got a crash course in Thomas engines and Mickey Mouse.
They’ve all grown and are sticking to the growth curve for the most part.
Andrew is now 39 inches and 34.8 lbs (last year he was 36 inches 28.7 lbs) 90th percentile in height and 80th in weight.
Parker is 39.25 inches and 34.6 lbs (last year 36 inches 28.7 lbs) 90th percentile in height and 79th in weight.
Nicholas is 38 inches and 31.6 lbs (last year 35 inches 25.5 lbs) 60th percentile in height and 50th in weight.

Nick is still my little guy, I don’t think he is a full inch shorter than his brothers but he is shorter. The good news they’ve all grown at just about the same rate. We are starting to plan a vacation for this fall (yes we are going back to Disney) and for the boys to go on all of the attractions at the new Cars land in Disney California Adventure they need to be at least 40 inches tall with shoes on.  About 6 months to grow about an inch, I think we’ll make it.

Playing with the new toys

The boys have had a wonderful time with their birthday presents. We let them ride or try to ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk. Hopefully by the end of the summer they’ll be able to ride along with Cody around the neighborhood.


Nicholas and Parker caught on very quickly and were soon zooming up and down the street (and around the corner). Andrew is starting to get the concept of pedaling, but as with most things it has to be his idea. If we push or try to help he gets frustrated and gives up. Nicholas is our little speed demon, he hasn’t quite figured out how to use his breaks and even if he did I don’t think he would use them.



Along with trying out the new bikes they have also spent a lot of time building castles and towers with their new blocks. The play hut has been a hit and has many many uses. The tunnel has been a lot of fun for the boys to crawl through and to take turns sitting in or running around wearing.


The hut has become the boys fort, tent and boat. In an overdose of cuteness the boys all climbed into the tent laid down and told each other ‘happy thoughts, sweet dreams’ followed by pretend snoring. Today they flipped it upside down and were ‘floating on the water in the boat’.
I didn’t get a good picture of them opening them, but the boys were each given a Tag Junior and some books. The boys have spent a lot of time reading and trading books.


Nicholas wouldn’t hold still long enough to take a picture.

All of the new toys makes me anxious to go through/clean out all of the old toys and all the ones they don’t play with or have simply outgrown to make space. It’s a great reason to also get some new toy storage, we are looking at getting some big cabinets to store toys and all of the craft supplies in. I want easy access for Cody and I, but somewhere to put everything without giving the boys the same easy access.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Boys!

I can’t believe our boys are three. It’s crazy for me to think that I no longer have any babies or even toddlers. They are growing up so fast. In the last week Cody and I have both been looking through some old photos, it’s amazing how much they have changed.

Now fitting all three in one lap or attempting to fit them all in the same crib would just turn into a wrestling match.

While today is their official birthday we had their party on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and the boys had a wonderful time opening their gifts and eating cake. The boys did get a little spoiled (like they do every gift giving occasion) or maybe it just seem like it because all the gifts come in threes. While waiting for everyone to arrive we let the boys play with the bubble wrap our new chairs came with. They would have been happy to play with the bubbles until we offered presents.


Parker was ready for presents!


We gave the boys their first big boy bikes.


They were so excited to ride them and the only way to get them to move forward was the offer of more presents.




The last gift they opened was a gift to share. Nicholas and Parker unwrapped it while Andrew tried to insist that we open and set it up.



It was a Cars themed play hut with tunnel, Andrew really really wanted to play with it. When I told him their wasn’t space to set it up in the play room he carried it upstairs, then when that was shot down he tried to take it outside.
After presents we had pizza and of course cake and ice cream. The party was loosely Mickey Mouse themed so I made their cakes to match.


We sang happy birthday to each of them in turn and I was thrilled that they all were able to blow out their candles.


Since it was their party and they had their own cakes, I just handed them each a fork and let them at it.


After eating their fill they spent some time playing in the yard with their cousins. It ended up being a great party, by the time the party was over and baths were done it was bedtime so they didn’t get to open and play with any of their new toys. The new toy fun was all saved for Sunday and every day since.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Catching up

We have been sticking to our routine for the most part in the last week along with getting ready for the boys birthday party.  The boys have settled into the routine and really look forward to when Cody gets home from work and going for a bike ride. After naptime I’m sometimes told to go to work so the boys can go with Daddy.
After I leave they happily climb into the trailer or wait to be loaded into the bike seat before heading for a local park.

It’s very hard to take a picture of everyone on the bike while holding the bike, no chance of getting everyone (or anyone) to look at the camera.

The daily park and ride helps burn off energy and the boys love it. During the day we do a lot of playing at the house and running errands. As exciting as Costco and the grocery store can be it’s no surprise the boys look forward to the bike ride. They also look forward to gymnastics.
It’s hilarious listening to them as we drive to the gym. The boys can almost repeat back the rules I’ve given them. As soon as we exit the freeway I start to hear:
"We have to listen to Miss Janae”
“Wait patiently for our turn”
”No crying, can cry if we get hurt”
After a few trying weeks of crying and asking to go home they now look forward to going. This week they introduced the boys to the parachute for the first time. Even with the reflection from the glass I had to get some video.

When they first brought out the chute I noticed that the boys made sure to grab handles in ‘their’ colors. We only dress them in assigned colors at gymnastics (to help the teachers) and at family gatherings or events to make it easier for others who don’t see the boys as frequently. I guess they’ve grown attached.
They are doing a much better job staying focused while waiting for their turns on the different tasks.


I also love that they now will follow a series of instructions and not just run around climbing on everything.

After gymnastics the boys were so ready for a nap. After nap the boys played while I started getting ready for Saturday’s party. Cody met a friend for a mini-photowalk taking pictures around the U of U campus. It was a late night, I misjudged how long it would take to bake three cakes with two pans. I need to just go get another small pan so next time I don’t have to wait for the first 2 to cool before baking the third.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Random photos and video from the last week

We’ve been fairly busy in the last week, running errands, play dates, gymnastics and the usual stuff. I haven’t taken many pictures though. With the weather warming up Cody has been taking the boys on bike rides while I’m at work. They love it. I need to get a picture of him with the trailer and bike seat loaded up. He’s been taking them on some long rides and some rides to the local park.

What goes up…

We had planned to go to the tulip festival on Saturday, but the weather was cold and rainy. Instead we went to brunch then hung out at home since we were expecting some company that afternoon.
An old friend from college and his wife are expecting a baby boy this summer,  so they came over to look through baby clothes that the boys have grown out of. They also brought with them their 4 year old son. The boys had a blast playing with him and I think he enjoyed the room of toys.  We happily reclaimed some space in our basement and the boys were very ready for bedtime after 3 hours of playing.
While I was at work yesterday Cody brought out the wooden trains, we had put them away about a month ago for a bit of a train break. To say the boys were excited to see their long lost trains is an understatement. Cody put down the tub and ran for his camera to get video of the engine trading/assigning.

After some non-stop train time, Cody took them for a walk around the neighborhood to burn off some energy before nap time. They decided they were airplanes and happily ‘flew’ ahead of him. I love seeing their imaginations come to life.

After work we loaded the boys up to pick out their big gift for their birthday. While they saw their gifts as we looked at all of the options, they didn’t see what we actually purchased. Hope they love it.
I can’t believe it’s only a week until the boys turn 3. We are just doing a small party for the boys this year, maybe next year we’ll do a kids party.  All that is left to do is make some individual cakes for the boys (like I’ve done every year), decorate a little and figure out where to order the pizza from for everyone.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had a very busy Easter, this was the first Easter we’ve really celebrated. Last year Easter fell on their birthday so we focused on celebrating that instead. The Easter bunny decided that buckets and shovels would be much more interesting to the boys than baskets. While we’ve moved away from color coding the boys clothing and toys, I stuck with their colors just to keep the fights to a minimum and they were the only colors they had available.

Their baskets had the basics, a little candy, bubbles, pin wheels, light up bouncy balls and their first pez dispensers. They were so excited we had almost 5 minutes without hearing about their engines. Of course then we opened their pez dispensers Nicholas and Andrew decided their engines needed to have some candy too.

After prying the candy out of their hands we tried to get some real breakfast in them before doing an egg hung in the back yard. I may have gone a little overboard with the eggs, we had about 60 hidden all over the back yard. The boys had a blast and in no time found all of the eggs.


Parker was the best at finding the eggs, but whenever or anyone else found more than one egg they would give the spare egg to someone else. I was pleasantly surprised to see the boys dividing out the eggs after they had all been found to make sure they all had the same amount. I was almost expecting some fighting.
We has another egg hunt later in the afternoon so we were going to attempt to move nap time up an hour or so, to help the boys burn off some energy (and sugar) we took a nice long (1.5 mile) walk around the neighborhood and played in the yard until lunch time.

After lunch we attempted and failed to have the boys take a nap. It was time to head to Cody’s parents for more Easter fun and for dinner. All of the kids had a great time searching for eggs. It took a while for all of the eggs to be found. Each of the plastic eggs had something different in them, but luckily Grandma taped the eggs shut so the kids wouldn’t inhale all of the candy and stop looking for more eggs.



After dinner everyone went back outside to play. It was such a nice day out everyone wanted to enjoy the sunshine. At one point Cody started playing in the grass with the boys and holding them up in the air.



So when I went to sit on the grass at the boy request (with some encouragement from Daddy) this is what happened.

Since the ground slopes a little bit and I had 100 lbs+ of toddler on me I was pinned. When I asked for help up Andrew went around behind me and started trying to lift my head and shoulders back up. Of course this was just so they could do it all over again.
Before too long the mosquitos started to come out and the lack of nap was really starting to show. We got the boys loaded back into the van and home for baths and an early bedtime.