Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pedal Pedal Pedal and other random photos

All of this nice spring like weather and the extra hour of daylight after Cody gets home means more time to play outside. Lucky for me Cody nearly always has his camera with him. Last night he pulled out the boys tricycles for another attempt at teaching them to pedal.

Parker came up with the ‘petal petal petal’ on his own, Cody just ran with it.

Nicholas took a little bit, but ended up even going up the driveway on his own.

Cody said Andrew still didn’t quite get it, but should take too long with his brothers to show him how.

And some photos from this week.

Andrew, Parker, Nicholas Apparently sports are very serious.

With a couple of the neighborhood kids.


  1. Great pics! GThank you so much for sharing!
    Lynn B.

    1. Thank you Lynn! I love reading your comments.