Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our four legged kids

Before we had the boys we had (and still have 2 cats) my cat Willow and Cody’s cat Leo. I say the one is mine and one is Cody because the cats chose their owners. Willow is a one person cat and doesn’t really like anyone else. He tolerates Cody and keeps his distance from the boys.

Then there is Leo. Willow was adopted from a shelter at 8 weeks, Leo adopted us when his original owners were evicted from their apartment and moved without them. He loves attention from anyone.

Last night Cody was playing in the backyard with the boys and Leo was at the window begging to come out. Cody let him out to play. Andrew has bonded with Leo and has decided that Leo is his kitty.

He keeps repeating ‘follow me Leo’ after seeing this all Cody and I could think was that this kid needs a dog. Normally when we call for or whistle Leo does come running so he’s as dog like as a cat can get, that and he eats anything.

Leo is extremely tolerant of the boys petting, pulling and playing with him.

I don’t think we’ll ever get video or photos of the boys with Willow unless it’s Willow running from them.

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  1. We love pets too!! HAving kids took so long for us that we had plenty of "furry kids" first and luckily the trips and their new sister took to the animals wonderfully!! By the way, your pictures are beautifully crisp and gorgeous!!