Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Little Gym and aquarium

Monday morning was the boys first day at The Little Gym. I was probably more excited than they were since it would be a good chance for the boys to start learning basics they will need for preschool like circle time, active listening and following directions from someone other than Cody and myself.
Since the class they are in is not a mom and me class the plan was for me to sit with the other parents while the boys went in. I was planning on taking pictures through the windows.  It started out okay, all of the kids gathered on the mat to play with some small maracas. The boys were a little unsure at first but after a few minutes they joined in. Everything was fine until they turned on the music, I wasn’t prepared for loud music so I didn’t know to prepare the boys for it. As soon as the music went on Andrew ran to the other side of the room, Parker stood frozen about 15 feet away and Nicholas (poor Nick) was about 5 feet behind Parker crying. The crying continued until the music turned off.
The music stopped the boys came back to the group and started to participate, then the music was turned back on. More crying and running away from the speakers. At this point I went in to try and calm Nicholas down or decide if it was time to leave. Once I was in the room the music had stopped and they started rotating through different activities. Andrew was the first to join in and easily crossed the balance beam by himself. Parker eventually joined Andrew and started to have fun, Nicholas wasn’t letting me out of arms reach.
When it was time to change to the other activities (rings, balance beam, bar, and forward rolls) Nicholas finally decided it was okay to play. They loved the rings and the balance beam! I was excited to see them waiting their turns and smiling/laughing when they finished a task. I was able to back out to a corner of the room and just watch. With each area music was turned on to mark the passing of time and when to move. It broke my heart to hear the boys say “no music Mommy, too loud” every time. At least the crying stopped and I’ll be playing more music at home and a little louder to try and acclimate them.
In the end they were having a blast and didn’t want to leave. We go back on Friday, I asked for the smallest class (Monday’s class had 14 with my kids) and the 3 teachers seemed a little overwhelmed with some of the ‘higher energy boys’ as they put it to manage. The Friday class only has 7 kids and they offered to turn the music down a little with the next class. So fingers crossed they won’t need a long time to jump into participating.
Tuesday was an exciting day of staying home and doing laundry, lots and lots of laundry. I still can’t believe how much clothing three little boys produce. We just spent the day in the house playing with trains watching the weather get more and more unwelcoming.
This morning the plan was to go grocery shopping and run errands, but after a day in the house I decided the aquarium would be fun for everyone. Plus we haven’t visited the aquarium since the new otter exhibit opened.


We only saw one otter and it was sleeping the entire time. We’ll have to try again and hope they are more active. We did a quick lap through through all of the exhibits with the boys pointing out their favorite fish.


The boys have started talking and talking a lot, I get a huge kick out of some of the things they say. While walking through the Utah fish the boys were chanting “fish are friends not food” repeatedly. When we made it to some of the larger fish one of the tanks also has a couple of dwarf caiman. Andrew immediately spoke up to say “It’s okay Mommy, It’s just a dinosaur.”


After our third lap through (it’s not a very big aquarium) the boys asked to go see Crunch, which is what they call sea turtles based on Crush from Finding Nemo. We watched the sea turtle swim around with the sharks, where the boys assured me the sharks couldn’t come out of the water. We spent about an hour and a half wandering through the different exhibits before the boys started asking to go home for lunch. Hopefully our next visit we’ll get to see the otters do more than sleep.

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