Friday, March 2, 2012

It looks like it’s winter again

After a week of nice spring like weather it’s winter again. The boys love seeing the snow fall, but getting to stomp around and play in it is even better.

We had the toys all ready for spring to play, I guess they work in the snow too. We were hoping to take the boys sledding this winter, but with the snow being so hit and miss and a few boys still in diapers it will probably be better next year. Speaking of diapers, we are now using 1/3 less diapers! I’m not going to say their won’t be accidents, but I’m so proud of the progress so far. Andrew has also started asking to use the potty in the last couple of days, so he will probably be next to start training.
We’ve been pretty boring this week just running errands and hanging out at home, but I met another mom at Kangaroo Zoo Wednesday for a play date. With the lighting so low and the boys  moving constantly I didn’t even bother taking my camera, but I did snap one camera phone shot to send to Cody that the boys no longer have trouble climbing one of the bounce houses.


The boys had a good time, but I think it is definitely a two parent activity. The boys wanted to all run in different directions which isn’t a problem, but some older (and unsupervised) kids were running wild and pushing smaller kids out of their way. I wanted to keep them together to try to prevent injuries. They spent about 2.5 hours before asking to go home for lunch. 
Next week the boys have their first class at The Little Gym, it’s a good chance for the boys to socialize and learn some basic classroom skills like circle time and following directions from a teacher. If it goes well we’ll enroll for a weekly class, the boys will get to meet some new kids, play, learn some basic gymnastic skills and burn off energy before naptime. Since they don’t understand what gym class means yet, I’m more excited than they are for the class right now.

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