Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday at The Little Gym

Friday afternoon was our second attempt at The Little Gym and I’m happy to say it went so much better. Nicholas was still slow to warm up and had a bit of a melt down when he needed a diaper change. He wasn’t crying because he had to leave the gym, but because he was worried about his brothers. He spent the entire walk and diaper change yelling “Andrew Parker okay?” At least I know they worry/care about each other.
This week they started out sitting on the mat before an inflatable was brought out. All of the kids (only 8 in this class counting my boys) were instructed to sit or lay down on the inflatable before it was turned on. You could here the giggling from outside the room. Once fully inflated everyone ran across the ‘river’ a few times then they had to jump over the snakes (pool noodles) and then over the branches (pool noodles held over their heads). I apologize for the glare, but I had to take pictures through the window, but I was excited that the boys didn’t need me in the room with them.

The flying kid didn’t land on Parker it just looks like he would.

The gym instructors have asked me to color code the boys at least until they are comfortable with telling them apart, so Andrew is blue, Parker red and Nicholas green. After the river which everyone was able to sit on while it deflated the kids were split into two groups. Andrew who so far has been the most willing to participate was in one group with Nicholas and Parker in the other. I was happy they split them up because they do need time apart.
In the various stations they worked on the rings, balance beam, bar, vault jump thing, and just general balance and coordination activities.
I spent the entire hour with my camera at the window taking pictures (yup I was that mom) and was so excited to see the boys having fun and following directions.


So proud of the boys in this one, listening carefully and sitting still.

This thing terrified me, it’s a good 4.5 feet off the ground and the kids were instructed to step over and not on the ‘butterflies’ Andrew did awesome on it. The instructors told me that the boys were all very patient and happily waited their turn especially considering their age. Of course I know that they’ve been taking turns and waiting in lines for most of their lives, but it’s nice that they remember even when I’m not there to remind them.
Even with moving to the later class the boys didn’t fuss on the ride home and still went down for nap time. I think the Friday class is going to work so much better for us going forward.


  1. Looks like they are having a ball!

  2. Awesome Lisa. I do appreciate your blog spots. Lynn