Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WDW Day 7 DHS, tiny bit of Epcot and Beaches and Cream

Saturday we wanted to head back to DHS for some additional character meets, we missed Phineas and Ferb the previous visit and were hoping to meet Buzz Lightyear. It was also time to ride Rockin’ Roller Coaster. It was much more crowded than most of the days we had been in the parks so we headed straight for Phineas and Ferb only to find that they had at least a 45 minute wait. Hoping the long lines we due to the morning rush we decided to head to Pixar. The wait for Buzz and Wood was 50 minutes and no strollers were allowed in the lines. There was no we could handle the wait without strollers no matter what distractions they had along the queue.
We had already planned on getting the boys a Woody doll based on how much they love Woody and how excited they were every time we saw one. So we didn’t get to meet him, but we they each brought one home.


They didn’t even ask us to take them out of the packaging for a half hour. We we able to make our way to Rockin’ Roller coaster before freeing Woody from his twisty tie and cardboard prison.


The hats became the coolest part of Woody’s outfit, they kept putting the hats on the dolls and then trying them on themselves.


After both riding Rockin’ Roller Coaster we made our way back to the characters, we were happy to find the line much shorter. While waiting in line the boys kept saying “Hey where’s Perry?” Once again Nicholas jumped right in to hugging and talking to the characters, Parker was reserved and Andrew still a bit unsure.



We wandered around the park a little more and slowly made our way back towards the front gates for naps. After nap the plan was to go to Epcot to see more of the country pavilions then head for dinner at Beaches and Cream. It was a new restaurant for us and on the other end of Epcot at the Caribbean Beach resort. We made our way through Epcot to the other entrance stopping briefly and Innoventions before deciding there wasn’t really anything we wanted to see or that was at the boys age level.
We made our way to the boardwalk and made a wrong turn, so we walked about an extra mile in the process of going the wrong way then making our way back in the right direction. 
Having never been there all we knew is that they had ice cream sundaes and something call The Kitchen Sink. We had nice dinner where the boys more or less inhaled their food and were very excited for the promised ice cream.

The video is pretty loud, the whole place was loud. The boys had some mouse sundaes and we all shared a No Way Jose.


It’s a good thing Disney calories don’t count, right?

We were all very full as we walked back through Epcot, once again we made it to the front of the park as Illuminations was starting. We were trying to get in early since I was determined to make rope drop at Magic Kingdom the next morning.


  1. Just in case it matters in the future, Beaches 'n Cream is at Beach Club instead of Caribbean Beach.

    1. Thank you. Not a big surprise we didn't find it on the first try, right?