Monday, February 6, 2012

WDW day 3 Magic Kingdom, Kidani Village and Downtown Disney

On our third morning we decided to get an early start at the Magic Kingdom. Everyone got a decent night of much needed sleep and we were excited to be in a hotel room that worked for us. We spent a few minutes enjoying Main Street USA and for a quick picture with the castle.


We headed straight for Fantasyland take advantage of short lines before the crowds arrived. We went to Winnie the Pooh ride first since the boys had been requesting since the first day. Since our last visit they have redone the queue area with interactive toys and activities for the kids while the parents wait in line. This seems like a great idea and the boys loved the play area.



The downside was trying to round up and pull the boys back into the queue when it was time to ride the attraction. It’s so much fun riding with the boys on attractions like this where they know all the characters and talk about them. They especially love the bouncing Tigger along the ride.
After riding Pooh, we headed over to Peter Pan which sadly the boys were not big fans of. I guess I forgot just how dark the ride is. Of course one of my few memories of Disney as a kid was riding Peter Pan at Disneyland and being terrified. There were no tears, but the boys were in a hurry for the ride to end. With all of the construction going on in and around Fantasyland we’d already ridden most of the attractions and decided it was time to visit Splash Mountain. We headed for Frontierland to let the boys meet one of their heroes Woody, with an added bonus of Jessie.


Andrew while not afraid of the characters became very nervous around and would run or hop in circles when first introduced, where Nicholas and Parker had no trouble running straight in for hugs. After the meet and greet, the boys and I found a nice place to wait while Cody rode Splash Mountain, his favorite attraction. Then it was time for lunch at Pecos Bills and a train ride around the park before nap time.
The boys of course love the ride on the monorail back to the parking lot and settled down to naps, while I listened to the voicemail on the room phone. The hotel manager had called telling me they had an offer to make us if I could call them back, in an effort to not disrupt the boys (or Cody’s) sleep I went to the lobby.
I met with a manager who was very nice and also expressed her relief that it was me and not Cody, commenting that she’d heard he was a giant (she was maybe 5’ in heels). They wanted to offer us the chance to move to a different resort, either Saratoga Springs or Old Key West. We have never stayed at either as they are DVC (Disney Vacation Club) resorts. I think she could tell by my reaction that I wasn’t all that excited about packing up the room again. Then she mentioned Kidani Village and that she had helped open it so she had some pull there. I told her I would need to talk to Cody and I would call her after nap time.
Once Cody was awake we decided that if Kidani was an option we’d move if not it wasn’t worth packing again. Of course that meant Kidani was available, that they had a one bedroom villa waiting for us with a savanna view over the okapi area. We turned the room TV on to keep the boys from running around while we packed in what was probably record time. This time we moved our own luggage.
Kidani was amazing! It will be hard for us to go back to a value resort after staying there. Cody and I had our own room and a separate room for the boys to sleep in. We unpacked a little and decided that due to how late it was we’d spend the evening at Downtown Disney.  I think the only pictures Cody we took of the room were with our phones, but we were both impressed with how much attention to detail had gone into decorating each room.
Downtown Disney meant some shopping. I wanted to get the boys some t-shirts since the weather was turning out to be much warmer than forecasted and to get them at least one souvenir that wasn’t a toy. We found them each a shirt, they also picked up a light up Buzz Lightyear toy and I found a watch.
At my work when they give awards they also include prize money that can be exchanged for gift cards, I’d been using all of mine on Disney gift cards and saving them for a watch and to cover some other purchases. I was happy to find a watch that has Mickey Mouse on it without being obnoxiously Disney. The gift cards also covered the boys new shirts. We had a quick dinner at the Earl of Sandwich, which is always wonderful. We wandered around the toy store and watched the fountains for a while before calling it a night.
We both took our cameras to DTD, but took very few pictures. It was too dark to get a decent picture of excited little boys that were not blurry. That and we were just trying to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. It was nice to head back to the room early for bath time in the giant jetted tub and so we could have a nice early start the next day at Hollywood Studios.

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