Saturday, February 4, 2012

WDW day 2 Animal Kingdom and more Epcot

We started day 2 bright and early at Animal Kingdom heading straight for Kilimanjaro Safari in hopes of seeing some animals, the boys were especially excited about seeing elephants. This attraction is very hard to take many pictures on due to the rough roads and not stopping. We did see lots of animals and the boys were excitedly pointing them out and studying the savanna looking for more.



After the safari we went to see Finding Nemo the Musical, it’s always been a favorite show of mine and I was very excited to see the boys reaction. It’s a dark theatre so we didn’t take any photos, but the boys loved it. Especially Crush and Mr. Ray we’ve since bought the soundtrack and the boys will try to sing-a-long. We’ve also seen a big increase in how often the boys say dude.
After the show we took the boys on TriceraTop Spin, since Dumbo is down for refurbishment it’s the closest we’d find. It’s basically the exact same ride anyway.


They enjoyed it, what isn’t there to like about spinning while flying up and down? Cody took this time to ride Primeval Whirl, the boys had fun watching him ride the ‘circle coaster’ it’s a wild mouse style roller coaster with cars that spin. Last time I rode it I remember getting some new bruises. The boys really wanted to ride, but it has a 48’ height requirement.
After Dinoland we headed for lunch at the Flame Tree Barbecue, it’s one of the best quick service options in the parks. While eating we watched ducks and a bunny walking/hopping around the table. It was already naptime after eating so we headed back to the hotel. On our way out we ran into an old friend, Heather. We first met her at dinner on our last kid-free trip. We just happened to be sat at adjoining tables and started up a conversation. We’ve interacted a few times over the years and were thrilled to have a few minutes to catch up with her. She was wearing a Minnie Mouse necklace and ears headband so of the course the boys were happy to talk to her about trams and monorail.
Naps went well, Andrew decided to put his Mickey plushes down for a nap as well.


Epcot was the plan after nap, the boys had already learned the way to the elevator and to the parking lot from our room so we got to see a very common site for this trip. Never fails to get a smile.


Three little boys running at full speed with their Mickeys flapping up and down. After another visit to see Nemo and friends we decided to take them on Journey to Imagination. Cody and I both forgot how loud, startling and in some parts scary this ride is. We heard a lot of “all done” and “almost done?” through the whole ride. The only good part is the ride exits out into an interactive area with lots of colors and things the boys could play with.

What you can’t really tell here is that each of the squares play a different instrument when you step on them. It’s Parker showing off his excellent dance moves. The shirts were a hit as always. I’ll be sad when they grow out of them which will probably be sooner than I think.
Just outside the Imagination pavilion we spent at least a half hour with the jumping fountains. The boys absolutely love them. I can’t tell you how long we spent here, but everyone had a good time and got a little wet or soaked. Andrew is in the silver shoes, Parker in the green and Nicholas in the white. Matching shirts and jeans make us really glad that each has their own distinct shoes.

After splashing around at the edge of the other fountain for a while we decided to grab a quick dinner at the UK pavilion. Much to my surprise the boys loved fish and chips with lots of tartar sauce. No visit to the world showcase is complete with a visit to the caramel shop in Germany. We picked up some handmade caramels and made our way to the front of the park as Illuminations was starting.

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  1. Lisa - when the boys outgrow those shirts, mail them to me and I'll make something for them out of them :)