Thursday, February 23, 2012

A break from the house

Due to a minor car accident on the 14th and potty training we have more or less been stuck at home since last Friday. I had prepared to be stuck at home for at least 4 days with potty training, but with the van in the shop for a week it means we are without any way of taking the boys out or going somewhere as a family.
Spending a week in the house is not the worst thing in the world, but it means I can’t just run to the store or run errands like I normally would and the boys are getting bored. The good news is potty training for Parker started last Friday and we haven’t had an accident in two days. He’s filled almost an entire poster with stickers and still gets excited when he gets to add another one to it. I’m hoping that in a few more days he’ll be completely trained, for the day time at least.
While Parker has had no trouble with the potty, his brothers have had no interest in it at all. They happily point to and talk about Parker’s big boy pants and his sticker chart but are just fine cheering for him without participating.
By Wednesday the boys were getting stir crazy around the house and so was I. We have a park just over a half a mile from the house, so I pulled the wagon out and off we went. Luckily the weather was perfect, mid 50s with barely a breeze.
We spent an hour at the park enjoying the slides, tunnel, ladders and the steering wheels.


The playground has a double slide and it was so much fun watching them slide down together. They would wait for one of their brothers to join them before sliding down.

Nicholas, Andrew

Nicholas, Parker

There was a dog wandering around the playground that probably belongs to one of the houses next door and the boys were none to happy about having share the space with it. They kept telling it to go home and watching it very carefully, Andrew especially was adamant that the dog go home.


It seems like the boys do something on a daily basis that makes me wonder what happened to my babies. They climb everything all over the playground now without fear and for the most part I can let them.


Everyone had fun, boys ran off some energy and the best part was that Parker was still dry when we got home.


  1. fantastic update to the blog!

  2. Potty training....thank goodness I will never have to do that again...ever. We just finished several weeks ago....candy bars for poops did the trick at our house this time around.