Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing outside

The weather has been a little odd this year, one day it will be 50 and the next it snows. We have enjoyed letting the boys run around in the warmer weather and letting them play in the snow. On Saturday when it was sunny and relatively warm outside we spent over an hour playing with the boys in the front yard. About 45 minutes into playing Andrew climbed up on the rock in the neighbors yard and said “Daddy take a picture.” Of course Cody was happy to oblige. The boys all took turns having their picture taken. Cody beat me to posting these photos as part of his 365, but I thought I’d put them here as well.




We’ve decided that our next house is going to need to have a hill in it because the boys are obsessed with running up and down the small inclines in our neighbors yards. The best part of the running back in forth is that we can request hugs as they run down the hills.

Even from the side you can see how big his smile is.

Of course running around outside would not be complete without a visit to the irrigation ditch that runs behind the houses on our street. They love throwing rocks into the water and watching them splash.

After all of the running around we loaded the boys into the van, Andrew and Parker were pretty easy to persuade to climb into their car seats. Nicholas however has always been our runner.

You can almost see the wheels turning in his head trying to plot his escape. With all the running around the boys were a little worn out while for shopping. They crashed at naptime without a peep.

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